Is this the beginning of the end for the Brexit debacle?

Could Labour finally coming out in favour of a second referendum spell the beginning of the end finally for Brexit? Discuss

Labour announce backing for a second Brexit referendum

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We need to see the actual amendment, which then has to get through parliament.

Then, without a(t least a year’s) delay to leaving to allow a referendum to happen there isn’t much point.

Then there’s the question of the question.

But at least it might be something, other than watching impotently as we slide out of the EU.

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The crazedTM is still saying in Egypt that she will get a deal.
I think that she has OCD and should be examined by a psychiatrist.


IF they do go for a 2nd referendum, let’s hope this time they make it a ‘mandatory’ vote for all eligible to vote and with a very clearly stated winning majority. But I guess that would be too sensible as it really would be ‘the will of the people’.


Is there such a thing in the UK? - I think there should be, but I don’t think there is.

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Initially I was very happy of another referendum - but then I realised that I am unsure whether the support of Jeremy Corbyn means that it is more likely or less likely as others may now not wish to support it to ensure they don’t support a motion put forward by Jeremy Corbyn.

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I doubt it Matt, but the then Parliament can set a precedent and because of the huge divisions that now exist, a responsible, (did I really say that?), Parliament could and should make the vote mandatory.

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My sister was autistic and had OCD.
She asked me every morning if I would do the washing up and take the dog out.
TM reminds me of that every time she says a deal is possible.
Maybe I should say that TM is becoming compulsive about Brexit, but living with someone who has OCD is no fun.

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It’s CDO, please get the letters in their correct order. :slight_smile:

As Winston Churchill said: “Now this is not the end. It is not even the beginning of the end. But it is, perhaps, the end of the beginning .”

The only thing we can’t have more of is nothing, regardless of your perspective.


Whatever, it is extremely hard to live with someone with it.
I made the connection because I was reminded of the same feeling of sheer helplessness and anger when I heard the same thing repeated over and over again.

I think IronDuke has it more-or-less right, even with May’s deal we still have the whole of our future relationship to negotiate.

Without a deal we will have the same, it will just be rather more urgent.


Like everything in politics words are not the same as deeds, despite the jubilation of yesterday’s announcement by Labour it would appear they’re not quite there yet -


Spot on - to quote Laura Kuenssberg

IF, promise,…, jam tomorrow, yadda, yadda.

What will happen is that there won’t be time left and Corbyn will shrug his shoulders and say “we tried” - yeah, right :frowning:

To aid in your “defense” Jane (if you need one, and I suspect you probably don’t :slight_smile: ) Peter is showing a common prejudice here IMHO - and I don’t think it helps.

OCD is not an “illness” i.e. the diagnosis doesn’t of itself imply that there is an “illness” involved per se just that the behavior differs from the accepted norm.

Some diagnosed with OCD do exhibit very extreme behaviours but most don’t and it would help if we could all stop assuming that everyone diagnosed with OCD is at the extreme end and then labelling them as “ill” .

I watched my nephew grow up coping with a diagnosis of OCD and ADD).

Learning to cope with the “banter” was a fundamental part of the healing process for him while those who described him as “ill” held him back.

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With the greatest of respect to all contributors on the OCD parts of this thread could I respectfully ask that a new thread be started to discuss this. Only my original post has been somewhat lost as a result of the ongoing discussion on this subject and I am genuinely interested in hearing others debate the ongoing political arguments.

No offence meant to any of you as I do respect all of your genuine points of view. But think it may value others if tagged with the correct subject matter not lost in a post on politics

Many thanks.


Good point Brian…

I reckon folk would like to see OCD discussed in its own right… on its own Thread…

please folks…

I’ve been a life-long Labour party supporter and on-off card-carrying member, but I find the party’s current position less than coherent.

To be honest, I just want the Brexit situation to be resolved in a way that doesn’t do damage to the cause of international cooperation and collaboration, and especially amongst our European neighbours. To reduce the risk of European armed conflict and proxy wars with Russia.

I think party politics is in terminal breakdown and giving way rapidly to a metropolitan-versus-local polarity, as evidenced by the Gilets Jaunes of France, the trouble in Venezuela, and elsewhere.

I just hope that the recent fragmentation and new loose coalitions occuring in Westminster are a hopeful sign of the emergence of a new dogma-lite politics, but it may be too late to stop a crash-out Brexit. We shall not have to wait long to find out, and I am glad I live in France and will wake up on 30 March on French soil, whatever happens subsequently.

PS I am deleting my posts on OCD.


Too late, I fear.