So, what side of the fence are you on?

@ Norman - absolutely agree esp. re the press. :)

Barbara. Are you saying that under no circumstances should one human NOT smack another human in the gob?

While it is a nice idea.. Have you ever noticed that humans often punch humans? Especially in pubs.

Very well put Norman.

It's understandable Norman, there aren't many laughs in the Côte d'Or !

Dennis, I really think you should put in for a sense of humour transplant.


Oh shock! Surely a clear case of racism as well! - is there no end to the depths this man will descend to?

Theo, I was waiting for someone to use the JC initials and suggest Crucifixion!

After all the 'holier than thou' statements are developing a treat - maybe using the same fertiliser as with gardens?

The huffing and puffing here suggest many are back in the days of steam cars more than anything!

John Mac,

now don't go spoiling all the fun by talking sense!

Or just plain bad cars?

oh well.

There are 2 sides to each story.

In a court of law there will be only one winner, one looser and a conviction.

But we are all entitled to realise who we feel is right and who is wrong.

Even if we are not on the jury.

So in simple terms, you point is Barbara ?

I have gathered that Norman feels that I read the Daily Mail and believe everything seen there.

As I said I look from the outside in.

I do not judge people who behave badly.....I am not the barrister or Judge.

But I can not praise or support the actions of people who behave like this.

A mountain of mistakes or even a few are a sign of nonchalance....

Sometimes leading to negative actions which invade the happiness of others.

spelling errors not included!!!!!

another typing error! At should have been and.

A member said yesterday...You wither love him or hate him.

He is to me a complete stranger and I am capable of neither.

All news articles seem to point in the same direction and announce that

JC has not behaved in an unacceptable manner. I am sure that the BBC

would not be looking at his future with them if all stories published are

fairy tales.

I do not need the Daily Mail to structure my life or to formulate my ideas.

I look around at decide for myself.

Is SF now becoming a place for academics to join together and share their


No I do not know JC

It is unlikely that I would.

No I never read everything.

Chris a very telling point indeed.

People here yelping on about the BBC's standards would do well to be reminded of this far more important issue than this storm in a teacup.

Fair enough, as you don't watch or want to watch his programme, and at least you are not advocating some of the weird reactions so far vented here.


dropping the hysterics for a moment, just by what extention of crazed thought did you come up with this diatribe? Are you really now saying Clarkson is responsible for (or could be responsible for) punching dinner ladies?

Just a quiet reminder. He is a TV programme presenter who had an altercation with someone else on a set, and that's it.

Trying to make him into the Devil Incarnate because you don't happen to like him is bordering on the bizarre.