Jehovah's Witnesses

This is not intended as a religious debate though i'm sure the inevitable will happen.

I've just been visited by two lovely looking french ladies claiming to be Witnesses. I get visits every few months like many probably, especially with me living in a town and not out in the sticks.

Question is simple, when JWs appear on your doorstep what is your reaction and how do you deal with the situation ? Do you tell them or ask them either politely or sharply to leave ? Are you agressive verbally or do you feel intimidated ? Do you invite them in for a chat ?

Me ? Well, much to the annoyance of almost everyone I know I invite them in (there are always two) and give them a cup of tea or coffee with biscuits etc and chat. I've had visits from UK ex pats as well as French and Dutch and all have been polite and respectful which is how I have been brought up to treat people. I neither believe or disbelieve what's being proposed but say goodbye to them with an open mind.

How do you treat JWs ?

A couple of weeks ago I was strolling along a lane to see M le Maire. In the shade of a tree sat 4 people, an older couple and a very attractive young lady with her husband? picnic lunching.

At my 'bonjour and bon apetit' the young man sprang to his feet and said 'Are you English'? How Did you know that, I thought, dressed in M&S best and 10 years of practicing my French. I recognised them as French- I00pm, mid lunch when I knew I could catch M.le Maire at home.

'I have a present for you, he said, proffering a document that I could recognise from a distance. Oh, JWs. N; Non, merci, disais je, and went on my way without further pressure.

They were still there under the tree when I returned and we smiled at each other and exchanged comments about the weather. No more mention of religion

When I got back home I looked up what distinguishes JWs from other sects and cults. It made for interesting reading, especially the commitment to proselytise 16 hours a week. Apparently, it is an unrewarding task and the modern preference is to stand in thoroughfares awaiting passer-byes rather than knocking on doors. That way, one can fulfil the commitment without incurring abuse or slammed doors and see the world go by...

I get a daily message or 2 from this site to ensure I don't falter for even a second, even though I don't need it....

...or at least it would if there was one.

Religion was created to control life's uneducated and easily led people. Once under the spell of XYZ god the people will do almost anything in the hope that after they die, they will go to this invisible place that is supposedly many times better than the real world they lived in.....

Gotta love stupid people :)

Bruce, always provocative. Heaven means different things to different people.

Seems such a waste of a life trying to buy a good seat in heaven when there's no such place!

We all have our own ways of approaching such things Adrian - no one is right or wrong; I personally (when I have the time) like to listen to anyone and everyone and maybe try to learn from what I have heard.

I have a 2 big dogs running around on my property and both have very big barks for anyone coming to the gate. (Just to note both my dogs and very cuddly and friendly) but the bark sure puts people off coming through the gate. Also if that fails then i just play ignorant i.e. I don't speak french or what ever language.

P.S. I have no problems with anyones creed, I just like being me.

"Members of the religion who voluntarily accept a transfusion and are not deemed repentant are regarded as having disassociated themselves from the religion by abandoning its doctrines and are subsequently shunned by members of the organization.Although accepted by the majority of Jehovah's Witnesses, a minority does not endorse this doctrine.

The Watch Tower Society has established Hospital Information Services to provide education and facilitate 'bloodless surgery'....(Bloodless surgery has some support, as best surgery, and for non religious reasons). Wiki quote.

My micro garden area around the house access, has a locked gate...I decide who comes in ...and I'm usually working at home, so no one comes in unless we need each other. Anyone enjoying religious discussion...might have at it for months at a time...via www .....anyone in need of tea and biscuits and some company...would not be in a good place...the tea and biscuits would be no big deal...but I'm not a chatty person. Best sit in the park with a sandwich and feed the pigeons...or do some volunteer work...with its inevitable people contact... What have I forgotten...real estate/property development it high on the agenda of JW leaders, inspite of those fast moving End Times..when all that property will be rubble, I suppose?....a wealthy organization, if not wealthy at toes-in- doors, for your copy of watchtower...and help fund big deals in Brooklyn...? The bottom line for me is...its an org that is happy to ban blood transfusions...for sick children...who need them. No thank you. Just go away...

it's one of the unwritten rules, you never go preaching alone

With the JW's I am not surprised. They would be 'disappearing' all over the place if they worked alone.

Don't forget kids... Religion is evil.

All the JWs i've met in France (can't recall too much about the UK) have been very polite and not pushy.I listen respectfully and give my opinion without being anything other than polite also. They usually stop for a cuppa and a nibble but I never feel threatened or under pressure. I don't (can't) agree with most of their beliefs but it doesn't prevent me trying to learn at least.

Yes Helen there are always two which makes sense I suppose. At the moment i'm visited by a charming young lady...and her dad ! She even phones first to make sure i'm going to be in.

I am not a JW but have attended some of their meetings and regularly am visited by the local JW community. Have to say very respectful that I do convert but that I am interested in discussion and am open to all religions.

Peter re never preaching alone - it's one of the unwritten rules, you never go preaching alone . In the local community here there are quite a few couples with grown up children that are not JW either

Sad but true Doreen but i've spoken with many JWs over the years and i'm yet to find one with a sense of humour !

Ha ha, excellent !

We killed and ate the last two JW's.

Not been bothered since.

Yes HJ it's strange how couples ie husband & wife work together. i'm sure many must have met at JW meetings etc though i'm sure many will have been 'converted' by their spouses. The latest visit by two french ladies was a bit weird, or at least I felt a bit strange about it as the younger of the two ladies who must be about 22/23 years of age (and very pretty), well dressed and ultra polite asked if she could visit me again in a couple of months. I said yes of course and then she added 'yes, I will come with my father'. this made me wonder to what extent 'brainwashing ' within the family circle exists ? I found it a bit disturbing if i'm truthful. I've spoken to several JW couples and have asked the question about their children being JWs and one lady said to me 'nah, my kids think it's a load of twaddle' ! So maybe my fears are misplaced ?

Hello Peter,

i had a visit about a mnth ago from two elderly very polite French ladies who were very keen to come into my abode and once got a glance at their leaflets, I quickly blurted out something 'Desole, j'nai pas religieuse..."..(the truth).which did the trick and the first lady took her foot off my front step and they left without a fuss.

I used to take in lodgers in my house en Angleterre from time to time and I had one guy who didn't let it slip beforehand but turned out to be a witness. He was perfectly nice and no trouble at all. We did discuss his beliefs once but he didn't preach and was very unassuming. He came to it later in life and converted because his wife wanted it.

Well yes Jane, I take it your mum was the same ? I recall gashing my knee playing football on a sunday morning when I was about ten, my big brother took me to outpatients not before mum had made sure I was wearing 'sunday best' !