Jo Johnson resigns - Is this the beginning of the end for Brexit?

I wish Brexit would go on for years, so entertaining.:grinning:


It will do, don’t worry :frowning:


Looks like Jezza is also enjoying Brexit and doesn’t want it to stop -

Hope not we have got a serious buyer who wants to buy our farm so that we can move on in our life and move to the next adventure but they will not commit until they have a clearer picture as to what is happening with Brexit, so our life and a lot more other people’s lives are on hold, have just got to be patient, no good keep moaning about it.

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You know your mind Mick, just remember it’s a bit of an echo chamber here. It makes me laugh when people try and undervalue the greytop vote given those most vociferous here in their lamenting are greytops. Using logic should we ignore those voices? Vive la difference.

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I disagree, but hopefully I’m not ‘moaning on’. :slight_smile:

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At last David, somebody who like me can see straight through them :wink:

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Ian Hislop his he the little sit down comedian that is always grinning :rofl:

I suggest you do some research.


Actually I am a big fan of the man.

Apparently all the Labour held constituencies are pro Peoples’ Vote, so he is out of step again.



Don’t hold your breath.

If we leave without a deal you, and your buyer, will have more certainty in a way but perhaps not in a direction conducive to purchasing property in France. As to “over quickly” - well “Brexit” will be over but we will then have to spend years rebuilding diplomatic and trade relations with the EU and trade relations with the rest of the world, which will not be easy.

If May gets to a deal we will then enter the transition period - which is much too short to actually conduct trade negotiations so will drag on and the uncertainly with it.

If, somehow, we end up not leaving that probably offers the best prospect for your sale but I suspect that the recriminations and rancour from the episode will go on for a good long time and we would have done nothing to address legitimate concerns about our role in and interface to the European project.

Whichever way you slice it I think we will be talking about and affected by Brexit for a long time to come.


We have come to terms that a sale might not proceed the way things are but a glimmer of hope for are potential buyers is that because one of them’s parents is Irish, then she can and is going though with the process of applying for a Irish passport.

Yes, that does sound hopeful.

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If its good enough for a British PM to call his Cabinet colleagues that, it’s good enough for me :relaxed:
Truth be said, the UK will become a ‘bastard’ nation if it leaves the EU.

It seems that nothing touches TM. Electoral fraud is a very serious matter which she should take very seriously.

If it was you or me we would have been in jail long ago.


Hi Mick,

Would you care to respond to my question please?

Why, you know the answer?