John Bercow defies Eurosceptics with vow to stay on as Speaker


Good - Bercow actually does “walk the walk” where parliamentary sovereignty is concerned - not just claim to want a sovereign parliament, but only if the decisions go your way (cf JRM, Farage etc).


And has lots of allegations of bullying and harassing people, but that’s OK!!! Hes a Remainer so he must be a great bloke.:exploding_head:

Spot on TT he is!:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I just cannot get my head around or comprehend that some people think all leavers are worse than Nazis and remainers should of been at the last supper. What a stupid way to look at the world and people in it.


Absolutely! Out of interest - who said the stuff about Nazis and the Last Supper?


Obviously i am exaggerating with Nazi and Last supper :crazy_face: but to be pleased John Bercow will stay on as speaker even after calls from the Women’s and equality commission for him to stand down does make me think who has the correct Moral compass.

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Can you provide a link / source for that @anon69921496 please?

No problem Simon. People should take every person on individual merit, not just if they are leave/remain supporter.

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That was 8 months ago - what was the outcome?

The Cox report specifically did not consider allegations of bullying against Bercow himself - which I believe remain just that - allegations.

Dame Laura herself suggested that (quoting from the BBC article)

she didn’t directly call for him to step down - it was Maria Miller (again quoting from that BBC article) who said there was “no option but root and branch change of management” and called for Bercow to step aside.

This is just cherry picking bits of two different stories and glueing them together to suggest that the Cox report identifies Bercow specifically as a bully and demands that he go - this is not what was actually suggested.

The Cox report is here.

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Nothing!! he has ignored the findings of the commission and so has the media and so have some people on SF.

What’s your evidence for this - parliament has been a bit pre-occupied in the 7 months since the report was published.

PS: In fact what were the findings of the “commission”? - the findings were in the Cox report, the Women&Equalities committee (not commission) just jumped on the bandwagon didn’t they?

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Sound bites?

The evidence is he is still the speaker.

You haven’t addressed my point - Cox’s findings did not directly call for him to step aside, that was tacked on later by someone else.

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I have not mentioned the Cox report, `my point is Women and Equalities Committee chairwoman Maria Miller advised that he stand aside, how she got to that view is down to her.

No, I did because that is at the root of Miller’s call for Bercow to step aside, and you kept blathering on about the “commission’s findings” (I presume you mean committee) - as far as I am aware the Women and Equalities Committee has no “findings” and her call for Bercow to step aside was a case of her using the findings of the Cox inquiry to grind her own axe.

What is Bercow actually guilty of ?

I must admit, watching Bercow on the BBC parliament channel, he is tough and brash and doesnt seem to take prisoners. I quite like his approach and attitude. The government could do with more of this calibre and maybe we would see some decent politics being played out instead of all this PC wussiness that seems to have infected all and sundry. But then we only get to see him on the tv and not what he gets upto behind the scenes.

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