Johnson v von der Leyen

I keep seeing these official photos of Johnson talking on the phone to the EU by the light of his desklamp and try to deconstruct what they’re trying to convey (because these images are very ‘constructed’ or staged). Firstly, why is he using a (semi)mediaeval landline with a black telephone and not the internet, is it not possible for heads of state to securely video-conference? Or is it that BJ’s PC classes with the US pole dancer weren’t ever sufficiently advanced? Also, what’s happened to that investigation?

Instead the low level lighting, desk and the usual carefully constructed Johnsonian air of dishevelment are surely meant to embody the desperate efforts of a war-time leader (whoever could that be?).

Hopefully, before the end of this week, this charade will be complete, the pound won’t have sunk to parity with the euro and Brexiles in Europe can get on with their lives.

God (if you choose to believe in that sort of entity) can help the rest


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It’s recently been announced that Johnson will fly to Munich - sorry, Brussels - for a meeting. Perhaps he will appear waving a piece of paper when he arrives back in London? Cooking instructions for a microwave dinner, guaranteeing peas in our time.…
After all, he’s not a details man and he will probably have misread the history.
A bit like how he seems not to know that his hero thought the idea of a united (lower case) Europe was a great idea for postwar peace and prosperity.


more likely he’s going there to get some nice Belgian choccies for 'er indoors as a chrissie present at the public expense :roll_eyes:

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Well yes, now Cummings has Gonesings she is working hard to run the country and find jobs in the home office for her friends :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:

I think Carrie should go as well.

She surely will, and it won’t be pretty.

Of course this has been the problem all along, shadows and no substance.
With regard to the exchange rate, the euro will also be hard hit by No Deal, especially Germany with all its washing machines and cars.
NZ will benefit as English lamb will disappear and they can probably put up their price.
All the car making cities will lose jobs as Project Fear becomes a reality.

Talk in the markets of the pound falling below parity with the euro on no deal.

Welcome to the easiest deal in history and the sunny uplands!

The galling thing about all this is that us plebs are completely powerless to stop it!!!

Time for a coup…

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The UK govt has folded…


I’m sure some of you have already enjoyed this rather fine vitriolic Brexit rhyme, 'Twas the night before Brexit…. posted on the Grauniad’s John Crace column, but if not this link’s the easiest way to find it:

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Does it have to be???

And so it begins…

Just received…


As you have placed an order on and selected an EU delivery address in the past, we wanted to let you know that from 1 January 2021, when the Brexit transition period ends, you’ll see some changes when you shop on and select an EU delivery address. These changes could include:

  • VAT (or the regional equivalent, if applicable, being due in the country of delivery, or your package may be subject to customs duties, taxes and fees (“Import Fees”).

  • the collection of VAT, or an estimation of Import Fees (“Import Fee Deposit”) which may result in a price change at checkout.

We will continue to accept eligible returns. If the reason for return is the result of an error (e.g. if the item is defective / damaged / incorrect), any costs incurred for the return will be paid by Amazon. Otherwise, any costs incurred for the return (including transport costs, as well as any associated import fees or customs where applicable) will be payable by the person returning the goods.

We hope this helps and we see you again soon (Read bye bye…)

Well, what else did you expect?

Think it’s going to be bye bye to Amazon UK, and hallo (personally think Amazon france is shit and expensive)
Bugger, just seen another thread about this


Exactly. Too few of the anti-EU people know this.

I made the mistake of buying a neat camera bag from the USA once. All the taxes, duty etc. doubled the price. Never again. will just be good for looking up the thing you want and then, if you’re lucky, buyng it from France (quicker, less postage but not necessarily cheaper at the moment). There’s always Germany and Spain too.

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Good stuff. Thanks Mark for making it easy!

German Amazon has a site in English too.