Juncker-British are only part-time europeans

Juncker-British are only part-time europeans?

Agree or disagree?
I agree but am a remainer but there will be those that agree but are adamant on leaving.
What is your stance?

Not this one

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Nice one Bob! :laughing: Sajid isn’t doing it for me either (well not in that pose anyway!)

There is a level where it is fair to say that our involvement was more intellectual than emotional - in with our heads but not our hearts one might say.

Not forgetting that there has been a steady anti-EU drip feed in the British press for some considerable time with little in the way to balance it out.

But it is also true that we have driven many of the changes that the EU has been through so I don’t think it is fair to call the many hard-working British EU staff and MEPs (well, not the UKIP or Brexit Party ones, obviously) “part timers”.


He’s right, of course - when he refers to British as a race as opposed to Brits living in the EU.
It reinforces the view that Charles De Gaulle had about the British when he first said “Non” to their incorporation in the Common Market and he was absolutely right.
Sadly, colonialism has not died a death and some Brits still somehow think they rule the empire :roll_eyes:
Me? I’m a committed European and an unashamed republican. :joy:


I’m English, then British and lastly a European if I’m pushed.:grinning:


Spot on @ptf
Better to be in the tent pissing out than outside the tent pissing in :wink:


After 15 yrs in France I feel like I have lost the British bit. I am English and will always hold dear and be proud of my roots but feel more European than British. :eu:
Maybe it’s a generational thing? :thinking:


Better to be in the tent pissing out than outside being pissed upon by those in the tent:roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


I’m English, then European, then at a push ashamed to admit to be British


I am a European Yorkshireman.
The yorkshireman shines bright every Sunday when I make the Yorkshire pudding, with thick onion gravy, yum.

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It is very rare that anyone from any other county ever mentions it - someone from Yorkshire will always let you know.

Not quite sure why.

At one point we went to watch Kaiser Chiefs at Elland Road in Leeds - both my daughter and I were a little puzzled by the chants of “Yorkshire, Yorkshire, Yorkshire” - I don’t think I have ever heard anything similar in any other county… Just a bit puzzled - I would be odd to chant “Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire, Bedfordshire”

Proud of my roots but not of my no longer lived in country.
I am told by others that it is God own country and so have always believed it🤣

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This is one of the reasons that - while I will vote remain again if given half a chance - I’m also very close to the option of leaving the EU but staying in the customs union + single market: although the UK would undoubtedly be better off in the EU, the EU might well be better off without the UK!


I would guess I’m in the younger age spectrum on SFN and have been here 14 years yet will never see myself as European first, I like being English and always will.

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Same here, younger spectrum and English first …but then European for me.

I’m european first - can’t be anything else with two non-“english” parents. Then english and never british or an ex-pat.

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British and ex-pat are definitely out of the equation for me also.

I’m English first and always will be because I was born in England and that’s where my mom and my kids and my grandkids still are…

But my gran and her family on my mom’s side are/were Scottish so I have deep emotional unbreakable heart based ties to both countries…:slightly_smiling_face:

I can’t think of a time that I ever ticked a box to describe my self as British and have never ticked a box to describe my self as European either…

[quote=“Helen6, post:19, topic:27299”]
I can’t think of a time that I ever ticked a box to describe my self as British and have never ticked a box to describe my self as European either…


Par for the course if you are English, going by what I have seen :grinning: those of us who are British but not English often don’t feel the same, and as for those of us who are something else as well…

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