June Spencer aka Peggy Archer (Woolley)

Not sure if The Archers counts as culture but today June Spencer is a 100 years old. She’s the only original cast member left since the start in 1951.
Next year she’ll have to pay for a tv licence due to the BBC scrapping free tv licences for over 75’s.

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I remember The Archers and Mrs Dale’s Diary… and The Navy Lark etc etc.

Wonderful times… and to think she has made it to 100 - good for her ! I’m sure someone will stump up for a licence fee if need be.

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I believe it’s the Government withdrawing funding, not the BBC.
Regardless, 100 is pretty special.

From what I read, the BBC is totally responsible for the Licence now -

**Around 3.7 million pensioners are expected to lose out on the entitlement when the change comes into force in June 2020.

The decision comes four years after the government announced the BBC would take over the responsibility for providing free licences for over-75s by 2020 as part of the licence fee settlement.

At the same time, the BBC was allowed to increase the licence fee and make it obligatory to have a TV licence to use iPlayer. On Tuesday, Mr Wright told the House of Commons that was “a fair deal for the BBC”. **

I’ve signed a petition. It annoys me that the Director General gets £450000 per annum and some of the presenters are on similar amounts whilst struggling pensioners have to fork out to finance their greed.

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It’s a little ambiguous. Both sides pointing the finger.
‘‘Twas ever thus.

I agree about these extreme salaries.
Sporting events are “over-covered” with presenters, pundits, crew, etc. transported all over the world when coverage from the UK would give a similar level/quality.
Maybe, also, the BBC might consider airing external, paid for commercials - they advertise their own output extensively.

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If you care to read the whole article on BBC News website, you might find it less ambiguous… :thinking:

The CEO of ITV has a salary package of over £1 million, I’d say the DG of the BBC is underpaid by industry standards.

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I did, Stella. It’s still both ‘sides’ blaming the other x even after four years.

Well perhaps the bbc should raise revenue from advertising. They have really long trailers for programmes which are just as annoying.

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The government knew the move would be unpopular.

So it handed the implementation to the BBC

I often wonder if the Beeb are earmarking space for advertisements.


To be fair the BBC are struggling to compete with the other UK channels, Amazon and Netflix etc and many of their progs are made by independent production companies rather than ‘in-house’.

I remember listening to Mrs. Dale’s Diary with my Mum before I even started school. I thought she (and Doctor Dale) lived down our road.

The Government forced the BBC to make the decision by not funding it Ian.
I do think the BBC is overstaffed though. For example, I usually watch BBC London News after the main BBC news and many items that have already been covered on the main news, for example Brexit, are covered again by BBC London team outside Westminister. If the DUP have been causing trouble I’ll watch BBC Northern Ireland news after the main news instead and bingo, there’s also a BBC Northern Ireland team in Westminster reporting. So it looks as if each region has its own full compliment.


Perhaps she can afford it.
After all, she has been in work since1951.

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That’s what I said, John, or, at least, intended to convey.

Sorry Ian, I was in mid flow when I hit the button :slight_smile:

@John_Scully “I do think the BBC is overstaffed, though…”

If you live in the Regions the local BBC regional input is both desirable and necessary because contrary to metropolitan opinion English, Welsh, Scottish and Northern Irish viewers and listeners deserve to have the impact of national events on their communities given due attention, and with as much emphasis as those in the complacent South East, London, and the “Home Counties”.


Confession time :blush: when I was ill, my sister came over from Australia and added the archers to my I pad… I was like « Fran wtf » totally addicted now :blush: she also added bbc book at bedtime, brilliant stories and series :blush: great when one can’t sleep.
Oops what a confession lol lol
I remember going to my Nan’s house every Sunday, arriving for the omnibus edition. It must have drove her mad, noisy kids arriving at the end of the show :blush: poor nan
I think everyone of our generation can hum the theme tune lol lol :joy:
Happy listening

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