Junk calls from a specific area code

My mobile is on the Sosh/Orange network. Until the last few days, I’ve rarely been troubled by spam calls but that’s all changed. Over the last 3 days I’ve received about a dozen calls. As I don’t recognise the number, I don’t answer them, assuming that if it’s genuine they’ll leave a message - they haven’t so far.

The numbers all start with 05 68 12 or 05 68 07. The 05 bit makes sense, as that is the code for SW France/Nouvelle Aquitaine which is where I’m based. But what district has the subcode ‘68’? I’ve searched all the directories I know and can’t find an answer. Does anyone here recognise it?

As you say… .it’s junk… there’s new legislation/whatever… and it should be easier to identify junk (if your phone shows the number) and just ignore it…
and 0568 is one of those junk/commercial prefixes…


Thanks, @Stella - I’d missed that bit of news.
I must say it’s great forcing them to call from an area code than shouts ‘scam’ at you!


Might it be a GLS or other delivery driver? I have had 05 68 04 06 89 a few times recently.

I don’t usually answer but I do get lots of deliveries. I used to dial any missed calls back but don’t bother now. As you say, if it is important the caller leaves a message.

P.S. just checked the number on Tellows and it says it’s a known telemarketer

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Are you on Bloctel @_Brian ? I get almost no telemarketing calls [touches wood :slight_smile: ] and I think it may be due to that.


Great suggestion. I’d assumed there must be a mechanism to block calls in France, without knowing the name, Bloctel. I’ve now registered.


I use this phone app which flags up known dodgy numbers and it seems to work well.

Having looked at the Bloctel link… I think I have to tell 'em what numbers I want blocked.
Is that correct??

That’s correct

Ah… won’t work for me then as my phone doesn’t show numbers…

Yes, I am registered with Bloctel and on the whole it’s very good. There are some rogue operators who don’t seem to adhere to its standard, however.

And the Orange phone app that @JohnH mentioned is good, but not ideal for phones like mine with dual sims.

Chez Stella’s:


Apologies Stella I misunderstood your question (my fault)- I didn’t need to tell Bloctel (when registering) which numbers to block, I assume that’s their responsibility…

How so? I have dual SIM and never noticed a problem? But then, I rarely use the actual phone functionality.

You have to give Bloctel your phone number(s) - landline/mobile - @stella so that they know which phones to protect. You don’t need caller display for that :smiley:



The bloctel service protects you against telephone canvassing. When you register a number in your consumer space, you are opposed to companies contacting you on this telephone number with the aim of selling you products or services.

All telephone prospecting calls to consumers are concerned, EXCEPT those from professionals :
with whom you have a current contract,
to whom you have unequivocally communicated your number in order to be called back,
for the supply of newspapers, periodicals or magazines,
polling institutes or non-profit associations as long as the call does not have a commercial prospecting purpose. Depending on the time required for companies to update their prospecting files, you may continue to receive telephone calls for commercial prospecting purposes for a maximum of thirty days from the effective date of registration of your telephone numbers.

I’ve one just like this (only shabbier) in my kitchen… :wink: :rofl: and it still works fine…

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On my Pixel phone, I can sign specific numbers to a specific SIM. With the Orange app, every time you make a call it asks you which sim you’d like to use. I just found it annoying :upside_down_face:

Just to add to @_Brian 's original post - despite Bloctel I get quite a lot of calls from 03 and 04 regions and no-one there knows my number apart from one, whose number is recorded in my phone! Get the occasional 05 number but 04 is the most common.

I just let it ring out and then block the number on me iPhone. Cheers - Steve