Just want Internet

It was tongue in cheek.
Orange is the only network with a useable signal here. Like this time last year, it appears to be getting weaker. Last year I literally went through 4 different contracts in 6 months due to trying to find a provider with adequate signal.

Orange is apparently obliged to keep providing a signal but I am not confident they will continue to honour this - and it’s wobbling.

Hence my joke about maybe satellite - which has all the problems you mention Graham :slight_smile: - potentially being better

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when you say “network” do you mean mobile or wired?

wired a complete waste of time because only ADSL and barely the speed of a heartbeat :slight_smile:

Orange also do a 4G offering as well as Bouygues for internet…

Yes, Sosh cancelled and transferred my old internet service. It was all very straightforward and I didn’t need to do a thing other than complete the forms on the website.

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At the moment Orange seems to be in the best season of their offers. They have 10 euros for 80Gb or 140Gb “5G”* for 12 euros pm both for the 1st year without engagement. Of course after the first year it would jump massively… but by then you’ve switched.

*You can take a 5G package with no 5G signal or equipment as it’s always backward compatible to 4G/3G.

The mobile comms market evolves very fast and year on year gets a bit cheaper overall. So taking the 1st year offer and then reviewing is to me a good risk.

Mentioning as somebody else may be interested. Those offers are around till 17th August.

However if the local signal’s **** it doesn’t matter what good package you get…


I would go with the 500mb package.

I am sure you can upgrade in the years to come if needed.

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I think the orang 4g package is not unlimited.

Correct Mat… 200 Go/month IIRC which is why we stayed with Bouygues which is unlimited.

Yeah I was going to go with that… considering I’m coming from 12Mbit, it’ll still be a huge upgrade. However, I noticed that on the mid-tier package (but not shown in my screenshot) is that they give you a Wifi 6 repeater. So as well as the inceased downloads, I’ll get that for an extra €8 p/month.

The reason this is interesting for me is because graphics cards are coming down in price so, as well as getting fibre, I’m keen to upgrade my PC to allow me to do VR sim racing with my Oculus Quest 2, and they recommend using Wifi 6 if connecting the Quest over wifi.

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In UK we went from 7mb to 50mb up 50mb down and we noticed a huge difference - we had the option to go to 1000mb but for us it wasn’t needed.

I am dubious of WiFi repeaters - I know that it appears you have a strong WiFi signal but if that is just a low signal increased the throughput will be no higher than the throttle point. If it is a wired WiFi repeater then that is a whole different game and worth considering.

The slowest wifi repeaters I’ve seen or used are rated at 300 mbps. I’m not expecting that ever to be an issue in rural France.

But that is only if they are receiving a perfect signal.

If they are receiving a 10mb signal the highest throughput they can achieve is 10mb - even if the signal from the repeater is strong.


Yeah, looking here it shows you can hardwire the repeater to the Livebox.

My house isn’t so big or the walls so thick that I need to position the repeater far away from the router. Shame Orange only offer their Livebox 6 with their top-tier package, cause that offers Wifi 6 natively.

You can simply buy a wired access point - they are cheap.

Too late… I’ve already ordered it now :smiley:

Enjoy it - I am very jealous we have very slow Internet.

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Yes, they’re repeaters, not speed boosters.

And a repeater will always introduce a couple of extra milliseconds of round trip time per packet, but 99.99% of users won’t notice that.

that’s why I use 1 line of my address to give the correct address - as often the official databases don’t have it.

I’ve refined it for deliveries by using that line to say 'proche ‘x’ well known local restaurant Google Maps will find, and adding a mobile phone into the address in case they need directions.

I have Orange Fibre, just internet and landline.