Languedoc top 100!

Wow! In the past few months dozens of people have joined the Languedoc-Roussillon group on SFN and there are now over 100 members.

People in this group are not just based in France; there are members from all corners of the globe with a love of Languedoc in common. And who could blame them?!

The Lang-Rouss group isn’t just a place to talk about the weather – hopefully you’ll find it helpful to get to know other people in the area, share information about your business or find answers to unusual questions, not to mention just having a good old chat.

For anyone in France in the next few weeks there’s also a couple of chances to meet-up in person over a few drinks.

If any SFN members haven't joined the group but live in or near the region - come on over - the more the merrier!

Find the group here ->