Larry the Downing St cat

Just watching France 24 on the chaos in the UK government; the image they used as the backdrop was a photo of 10 Downing St and I noticed that on the far RHS, despite the chaos within, the current Downing St cat was still sleeping on the ground floor window sill. Subsequent research revealed that Larry has been in post since 2011, so he’s probably been resident in Downing St longer than any PM since Gladstone. One is also tempted to think he might do a better job than the current head of that household.



Can’t be long before Johnson has to step down, surely? Sunak, Javid - Tory vice chair Bim Afolami resigned live on TV apparently.

But Nadine Dorries still supports him!

That is because she has the wet knickers for him. She is waiting for Carrie to dump him when he loses power and she can then comfort the man of her dreams… God, I feel sick…

Ah, but she’s so thick, she might not be aware that she’s supporting him. To paraphrase, 'When I hear the phrase, ‘Nadine Dorries Culture Secretary’ I reach for my gun glass of water to stop me choking on my laughter."

Whereas other countries choose a Culture Minister on the basis of their knowledge of the field, that’s so seldom been the case in the UK

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But did you hear Ree Smogg - incredible how thick skinned politicians are! Call it black when it’s white and look unflinching - what a skill!

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Do you mind she is my MP!

I fully agree however - the phrase that I have heard recently is that she was described as being “as thick as a Boxing Day turd”.

and mine is the (not so) Cleverly :roll_eyes:

I know cats, and I think it’s unlikely that Larry will leave before Johnson.



Dorries was seen to be entering Number 10 :roll_eyes:
Which hole err role is she going to fill (or does she have a hole to be filled?) :thinking:

An interesting opposition:-

‘Pincher by name and pincher by nature’, ‘Cleverly’ by name but not by nature.


I think Andrew Bridgen, much as I dislike the man, nailed it in a “on the move” interview with Ch4. His first point was that any potential candidate to replace Johnson will need to be seen as having some ethical backbone. IMO Sunak and Javid have cleverly jumped ship and optically distanced themselves from the rest of the sleazy crew.

Bridgen’s second point, voiced rather viciously I thought :face_with_hand_over_mouth:, was that unless Johnson goes, the incoming 1922 committee will change the rules and chuck him out. I think that was the actual term.

My schadenfreude cup runneth over :grinning: Can’t wait for the next instalment.


There was a freshness to the honesty.

The Conservative Cabinet - right now!!!

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Yes, if he reflects the dominant view in the Party then Johnson is toast.

Pity they didn’t get to enjoy the gold flock wallpaper for very long, but at least the £150K treehouse construction hasn’t been embarked upon.

@DrMarkH You misspelt the thread title wrong? - maybe its the Downing St act…

@John_Scully At least the £150K treehouse construction hasn’t been embarked upon…

A Kwai bridge too far…?

A Bridgen too far?

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A Bridgen over troubled waters?

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A hoot of a response to the failed, expenses fiddling ex Education Secretary’s swipe at him by Alastair Campbell. He even throws in a (not very) veiled accusation about Zahawi’s business dealings.

This is all going swimmingly. What else will the day bring :face_with_hand_over_mouth: