LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month

Is this a password manager…always worry if they are compromised then its security armegedon

Yes, one of the better respected ones.

I know @John_Scully is a fan of FOSS solutions so this alternative to LP may be for him…
I’ll take a closer look too

and for private use:

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I would have thought you brilliant techie types would have written your own :smiley:
It’s what my partner did for our business once secure storage of lots of data and easy access became an essential. (Since the business went away, we’ve adopted it for personal use…)

Why own a dog and bark yourself :slightly_smiling_face:
Some have come up with novel solutions for remembering passwords associated with specific applications but it reminds me of the early days of Sage Accounting… more than one person remarked to me that the software was obviously German (It’s not, it was four lads from Newcastle) as the password was letmein…

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At the time, (quite a long while ago), we didn’t consider any of the on-line equivalents to be secure enough. Waste of time doing things for specific applications, but our generic one works very nicely and is cross platform. We’re not going to sell it or anything - been there, done that, never doing it again :smiley:
(Love the password interpretation…)

In my youth I was an assembler programmer Angela and I am obliged under the rules of the Ancient Order of Ancient Systems Programmers (a fast dwindling brotherhood) not to defile myself with higher level languages. Plus, it also depends at how you value an hour of your time. It’s along time since I worked at programmers rates, especially now it’s all carried out in a sweatshop in Chennai :grinning:

I’ve much more important things to do now, looking out the window, tinkering with the car, more looking out the window. It’s all go really, I’ve frankly no idea where I got the time to work in the past.

BTW Graham, I bough a €43 TP-Link load balancer and connected my two Archer MR600s to it and it to the LAN in the house. Bingo, every WiFi hub now shares the two internet connections. No messing around with IP addresses, DNS stuff etc. The solution came to me a couple of weeks ago when I was looking out of the window :grinning:

Another recent success was replacing the fluorescent tubes in the Garage with LED ones. Three 2500 lumen 6500K (daylight) beauties. No more startup delay or flickering. Wonderful. After this successful pilot I’m embarking on a bigger project in the cave, four tubes.

All joking aside, these people are excellent…


Me too! I loved it, but all that was long ago. I dream up websites now, while looking out of the window. I’m finding that, despite all the spare time I have to play with, I don’t actually get much done!

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Reverie is a fundamental aspect of creative activity, but is seldom encountered, let alone encouraged in higher ed.

Suggest Gaston Bachelard should be integral to Arts & Humanities undergrad curricula.

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When the University of Cumbria was created, they ordered lots of brand new staff admin cars with a blue skies and fluffy clouds paint job and ‘Bring us your dreams’ written along the side.

At the time a prescient and already disillusioned former colleague suggested the following would be closer to the sad reality - ‘Bring us your dreams and we will trample on them’.

Apologies to password posters for having gone so far off piste, password managers make me nervous…

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I wouldn’t trust any application with my passwords Mark. I have a 607 line spreadsheet that’s updated whenever necessary, backed up automatically on my LAN, and is shared with my wife and daughter through Onedrive and iCloud. Having grown up in era when disks failed regularly I’m paranoid about hardware failure. If I was run over tomorrow all my loved ones need is the spreadsheet (or me as the memory fades :slightly_smiling_face:)

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@John_Scully - do you keep it encrypted?

Yes I do Mat.

me too, if they get hacked your sunk

could do with some advice about how to stop onedrive linking to my Samsung smart phone

Just turn it off in settings parametres

Alternatively, of you want it to replicate some but not all of your data you can select which folders in Onedrive settings too.

I have a Office 365 family subscription so I have 1TB of onedrive cloud space (my wife and daughter have 1TB each too). I have about 500GB of photos, home movies etc. up there which I can access from any device but only my Documents folder is replicated to my laptops and desktop. I use Word, or Excel to pull down documents (such as my “This is your Life” spreadsheet) on my iPad and phone as needed. I use iCloud for all photo sharing through the Mac/iOS photos App. Likewise iCloud takes care of music, audiobooks (in conjunction with the rather shoddy Audible App), etc. etc.

It’s all very well organised, I always was tidy but I guess I’m verging on OCD in my dotage.

Our home-grown application is based on an encrypted database hosted on one of our own servers that would be hell for anyone to crack. I don’t put any data in the cloud - don’t trust it - and SF is pretty well the only social media-type site I use. Would James and Cat be horrified to here SF referred to in that way? :thinking: :smiley:

My problem is that I have Samsung Smart phone and also use Onedrive so that I can access folders from two lap tops and MS surface Pro4 tablet.
Onedrive is behind my microsoft password protected account but when I load Excel or Word on my phone, which is easy via app store, and then open either app it seems to pull down excel and word docs even though the onedrive is password protected.
Onedrive is a default app and cannot be removed, and Word and Excel are easily downloaded apps. I have my phone password locked but still feel unhappy that somebody could break the code and then have access to personal stuff in the cloud,
Ideally would like my phone to have no link or access or show any item in my onedrive…any suggestions.?