LastPass’ free tier will become a lot less useful next month

I suppose my solution of not having a smartphone isn’t acceptable? No, I thought not :rofl:

Would be nice but honestly don’t know how i would manage with so much stuff requiring online response particularly gov and utilities, saves having to have specific time set aside logging on to pc…and this is the only SM site I subscribe to.

I use a laptop or PC, log on in the mornings, check emails, French news, SF, do any utility or other connection stuff I need, leave it on for most of the day and go off to do stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with computers or the internet. I’ve spent far too long working with computers during my life and I don’t want to “waste” what’s left of it online :smiley:
To be honest, I have so far (and of course this could change) never found I needed a smartphone for anything and I don’t like the way they track people… Just call me paranoid! :upside_down_face: :upside_down_face:

don’t “normal” mobiles do that too as they connect with cells? Even the so called “burner” phones favoured by criminals do that IIRC.
Fact is, smartphones can be extremely useful and basically you have nothing to fear from them if you live a “legal” lifestyle.

My understanding is that “normal” (or “pour seniors” as I’ve seen them described :frowning: ) phones don’t track what I do - they may track location but I am not sure about that and anyway, it’s usually switched off :smiley:
I don’t actually buy the “nothing to fear” argument as I’m not remotely bothered about the government knowing where I go (or even to some extent what I do) but commercial companies are a very different matter and are not subject to quite the same levels of scrutiny, I think.

Anyway, whether or not they track me - I don’t need one! (yet…)

I need mine at work - too frequently the network is too slow or down and like my colleagues I have to use my own means for very simple essential (and compulsory) stuff like doing the register. :roll_eyes:

Makes sense, Vero! Of course as a (rather reluctant) retiree, I don’t really have to have immediate responses to anything…

I like smart phone mainly because you can pick up mails and use the web…note not SM sites excepting SF ( !) without being tied to a terminal/ vdu or lap top and desk.

Well, in the interests of science I have don the deed and can report back that the transfer from LP to BW was as smooth and uncomplicated as the links above suggest.
The whole process took minutes to achieve on both my PC and my Android phone. Logged out of LP now so only BW operating. I’ll remove the LP app in due course when finally satisfied all is well but for the moment - all seems tickety-boo :upside_down_face: