Le Tour de France 2019 - Everything you need to know (Spoiler Alert)

As a self confessed lover of the Tour l will be glued to the TV set every afternoon for the next three weeks.
Unfortunately it’s not coming anywhere Bordeaux this year but the TV coverage is of the highest quality and the incredibly informative commentary gives us the opportunity to enjoy every kilometre. Here is a pretty good guide for this years race from Sud-Ouest.


Yes, looking forward to it even without a few “names”.

Was disappointed that I struggled to watch the giro as *couldn’t find it on french TV so could only watch it on BBC Wales, and my welsh is rubbish.


Any recommendations for which French channel has the best coverage? First time for me watching it on French TV - normally it is ITV in the UK.

I found that L’Equipe channel shows stages from classic Tours of the past in the evenings (well, they did the last time I was ‘home’).

Hi Carl - France 3 kicks it off every day with an emission from the village/town/city where the stage starts and then France 2 takes over with live coverage of the whole stage and a round up of the highlights and interviews with stage winners and holders of the various vests. :tshirt::tshirt::tshirt::running_shirt_with_sash::running_shirt_with_sash::running_shirt_with_sash:


I wish my comprehension of spoken French sporting commentary was up to following the TV reportage, as it makes a big difference to the spectacle, which is fantastic.

Still I am making progress, if only slow. :neutral_face:

Cheers Dan!!!

I shall be watching it on ITV4. I could watch it on French TV but as the ITV4 team use the same video feed and as I’ve grown rather fond of their understated style they get my vote. Pity it’s such a one sided tour this year, hardly a boucle at all.

Watching the first stage as I type France 2/3.

Will be watching live when it comes to Albi… VIP invitation from la FDJ inside the départ tour village for the third time and waiting to hear from Groupama for a finish line seat too :grin::grin::grin:


That’s really exciting Andrew. I hope you have a great day.

Following it on ITV4 but it’s not quite the same without the French commentary. I’m also missing Mark Cavendish who I’ve followed for years.

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But it’s still Wimbledon!

It’s coming down the valley just down from where I live here in the Beaujolais and then heading off cross country to Tarare.

Will be watching it on TV just to see how they handle a sharp 90° turn in Chamelet, road is just wide enough for 2 cars to pass if they go very carefully. Locals have decorated the village and built a wooden bike on the top of a local tower.


Brilliant Steve. If you manage to get any photos as they wizz by please do post some here.

Damn! I haven’t watched the highlights yet.

Could you amend post title to add “spoiler alert”.

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I won’t give the result away, but what an amazing finish today

Yes, that the kind of thing I love to see. Gripping last 20km!

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