Legislatives 2022: BOTH TOURS

It will all be coming in… this won’t be the only link, I’m sure…

Well I was one of the 47%!


France Info seems pretty on the ball…

Panneau Pocket has delivered out local result. It’s LFI for our commune. RN came a distant third … Hooray :tada::tada:

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Me too, trying to keep France on the right track…! :wink:



Let’s have a little decorum folks… it’s another Voting Weekend… and hot stuff too. :rofl:
17th - 20th June…

No idea if this is similarly across France… anyone any info… or are the Rave Parties planned for elsewhere all keeping quiet…

These days the average estate car can carry sufficient sound equipment for a 5000 place festival…

Interesting that in my circonscription it’s right v extreme right. My commune voted Nupe (by some margin) but this is not reflected more broadly. Who do you vote for when you don’t want either? Least worst option? Or not at all?

Vote for “the lesser of two weevils… :wink:

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Whats a “vote”?:triumph:

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In our context, a metaphor.

A voté. In my commune it was between the presidential majority and the national front. I very much hope the FN, sorry, ‘rassemblement national’ do not get in.

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  • the FN, sorry, ‘rassemblement national’

Just don’t say they’re extrême droite, that really upset our RN candidate!

Seems Overseas results are in… with some hiccups for the government…

As I understand things… the links will update themselves throughout the evening…

The youngest Deputy ever elected…