Let there be no doubt, Bojo wants a trade war with the EU

Even the dogs in the street can see the the Tories haven’t a clue how to address the cost of living crisis (which they exacerbated through Brexit) and now need to use the EU as scapegoats. IMO Johnson and his colleagues wouldn’t give a damn if violence returning to NI was the price that had to be paid for them staying in power.

Meanwhile the big swinging dick(head) jumps the gun to stride the World stage with his total of 200 battle tanks and zero nordic war capability. Talk about diversionary tactics


Whilst Rome burns, Nero fiddles :wink:
The UK will lose - big time and de Peffle knows it - it’s all a game of chicken with Truss “trussed up” ready for the oven in order to continue his deflections/diversions and expose her to ridicule leaving himself still in the clear with no apparent successor (just like he has done with Sunak) :roll_eyes:


We were so annoyed last night listening to R4, and the BBC reporting that the EU were risking a trade war by their actions!!

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The EU set up a ridiculous situation in Ireland which was politically motivated to try and force a United Ireland and to break up the Union, to punish and weaken Britain for daring to do what she did.
Their refusal to accept a renegotiation may well lead to a trade war which no one wants.
There is an easy solution; no border for people but a border on the present north/south frontier for goods.
I doubt Boris wants a trade war but does perhaps perceive that the situation has to be sorted pdq.

Nothing to do with de Pfeffle’s “oven ready” deal then :grin:


Relevant link posted by @strudball in another thread…

As the economic challenges facing Britain mount, there is no doubt that the single most effective thing the government could do to ease the cost-of-living crisis would be to undo some of the damage caused by a Brexit deal which imposed significant new barriers to trade.

According to Adam Posen, former Bank of England policymaker and now president of the Peterson Institute for International Economics, Brexit is the main reason why Britain is forecast to have the slowest growth and highest inflation of any G7 country. The new trade barriers, which include new customs checks, rules of origin requirements, the need to prove regulatory compliance with each jurisdiction separately, sanitary and phytosanitary measures for trade in animals and plants, and limitations on the freedom of movement for business travel, have delivered a profound supply-side shock, piling costs onto business.

UK in a Changing Europe, the think tank, calculates that Brexit has pushed up food prices alone by 6 per cent. Britain’s trade has not recovered from the pandemic as quickly as other major economies, with trade as a share of GDP still below pre-pandemic levels and 6 per cent below 2017 levels. The London School of Economics calculates imports from the EU have fallen by 25 per cent as businesses remodel supply chains. And while the value of exports has held up, a sharp drop in the number of firms exporting to the EU suggests smaller businesses have given up on the vast market next door. That bodes ill for future productivity and innovation. Brexit has also led to an exodus of EU workers which has contributed to a 600,000 drop for the number of people in work in Britain. Record job vacancies threaten to drive inflationary wage growth.

Yet rather than seeking ways to lessen the damage from the rushed and incomplete Brexit deal, the government appears destined to make it worse.

Destined’ to make it worse is kind - I’d say ‘determined’. It’s simply the cornered animal pissing - both panic and defense. Well, playing the nationalism/xenophobia card worked in 2016 and 2019 - and its all they have left now.


What I don’t believe though is that Johnson is cleverly letting Truss take the fall. On NI and Ukraine, etc, she is now playing to the Tory membership - which, remember, since the influx of Kippers, is very, very right wing. Now I wonder why…

there’s nothing “clever” about James Cleverly (Minister of State for Europe) :slightly_smiling_face:

Any basis for that risible twaddle? :roll_eyes:

Just a different application of the possible facts.

Sounds a little like Kellyanne Conway


Come on, firstly, this was Johnson’s oven ready deal, secondly, why would the EU have any desire to promote a united Ireland and as for punishing the UK, that’s just what Brexiteers called becoming a third country.


Do you actually live in France and please explain the motives behind your commentary.
I could do with a laugh :slightly_smiling_face:

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It’s not just influx of (U)kippers, it is also the purging of moderates and insisting on an oath of fealty to Brexit as a pre-requisite to selection to stand in the 2019 GE.

The “Conservative” party is now the UK National Party in all but name.

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I have lived in France for 26 years for your information. My reason for offering an alternative viewpoint is simply that and it seems more logical.
Not the standard made in the Guardian view perhaps but quite reasonable. After all, would the united Ireland lobby not have taken the opportunity to influence negotiations behind the scenes in Bruxelles?
Johnson is hardly relevant here.

Really? REALLY? Twaddle :roll_eyes::roll_eyes::roll_eyes: pffffff


you mean, like reds under the bed? :sleeping:
well at least you made me laugh, if only in pity…


Seems to be a lot of upset about The Guardian lately from a few on here :joy: It does have some absolute twaddle in it but it’s hardly the mail or telegraph in just making stuff up. It is pretty good at holding those in power to account to my mind, but that’s about all.

1 Who would the “the united Ireland lobby” be, the one Sinn Féin MEP?
2 Since we are discussing whether Johnson is using the NIP as a diversion he is relevant here.
3 Nothing, with all due respect, you’ve posted seems to me to have a shred of logic.

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Not so - because it doesn’t actually fit the facts. May had already done a deal with the EU, remember, that avoided any ‘united Ireland’ issues. If the EU’s secret aim was to unite Ireland, why would they have agreed to May’s deal? It was the Tory extremists and the DUP that scuppered May’s deal - so in your terms it would be ‘reasonable’ to conclude their secret aim was a united Ireland!

That’s the first point. Secondly, Johnson negotiated the present deal - the EU were pretty reluctant to agree to it, while Johnson apparently thought it was ‘brilliant’, and he and his party went into a general election lauding it - as did the DUP Is it ‘reasonable’ to then claim that the whole Tory Party, the quarter of the UK electorate that voted for it, and indeed Northern Irish protestants, were secretly working for a united Ireland?