Light switches

Is anyone aware of more “pretty” light switches that are in keeping in an old house.

We are about to have a house rewired and the default light switches are Legrand - perfectly good but very modern in appearance.

Ideally I would like toggle switches but I have not been able to find any.

Here’s a modern take on the classic french toggle.

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Hi Tracey - they look a bit more like it.

All of those come from China - hopefully there are something similar available in France.

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interrupteur à bascule retro
French distributor made in the UK. (delivery 3 days)

I hope you find something you like.

I will have a chat with the sparkie to see if he will fit UK light switches.

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Mat, the switches Tracey showed are half the price on, they’re easy to fit so you could probably do it yourself, the only real issue is that they’re square and fit in a standard UK square ‘back box’.

I’m surprised that the UK doesn’t have the same EU standards :woman_facepalming: especially as these were for sale on Amazon France. :woman_shrugging:

Once again the UK not conforming with the rest of the EU? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Not when you add on delivery to France!
B01MQYCO6S - 10.83 inc free delivery in France

Tracey, we never pay much postage when we have stuff sent to France from Amazon, you just need to make sure you go above the free UK postage limit and where possible choose an item that’s shipped by Amazon.

With my Micawber hat on UK price £23.40 and the French site 29,23€.
With the rate today at £1 = 1,1540€ and free delivery in France, I can’t reconcile the concept that the UK is half price…
But maybe the UK version back box is different; it needs to sustain immersion in floods as the UK sinks into oblivion :grin:

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But you said the one I showed which is B01MQYCO6S on Amazon FR and UK.

Many sellers on Amazon UK do not offer free delivery to France.
Amazon itself does but often is more expensive than the Third party sellers on their platform.
But Yes I agree some items from Amazon themselves with free delivery do work out cheaper ( if you can find then) Their search engine is simply terrible.

I’ve also found products on sometimes cheaper than the equivalent on .uk and .fr still with free delivery :wink:

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Yes @graham I have bought from Amazon DE - all their packaging materials, jiffy/ bubble bags and rolls etc are a lot cheaper than elsewhere in the EU.

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This is what I found -

£15.54 plus postage.

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Clicked on it added to basket … a bit cheaper and from a different seller but a longer delivery.

interrupteur à bascule retro
Just goes to show it pays to shop around!

PS @Mat_Davies - don’t forget ETSY and other sites/stores too :grinning:

Good luck

Don’t forget to click the SFN Amazon link if you plan to use Amazon (FR or UK)

@james will explain… :relaxed:


I fitted a couple of these switches a few months back for a client, they are reasonable quality and it only took a few minutes, however I would never put them in my house as the back boxes are square which again would probably have to come from the UK and you would have to chisel/cut out the rough shape whereas here you can drill out for the French round boxes.

My advice to Mat would be to take his time to source retro switches here.


Do it all the time :wink: