Light switches

So do we… got it on the toolbar of both our machines… :relaxed:


Heads up, I have just placed an order (a gift :gift: for family in the UK) for the first time using the Amazon Affiliates link. Expect a few pennies in the SF coffer. :money_mouth_face:

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As I say… we have the link for both Amazon fr and Amazon uk on our toolbars. Makes it so easy and I do feel good when OH tells me he has just ordered something or another.

Forum sites do have a running-cost and this seems a painless way for me to help out.

and… no… I don’t profit… just the feel-good-factor :hugs:


Exactly! …so easy to do and with Xmas coming up it’s perfect. :+1:t3:


(too early to talk about Christmas… haven’t had Hallowe’en yet… :ghost:

bah, humbug - give 'em bread and drippin :laughing:

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Living where I do, Halloween does not exist! Each year I buy a packet of sweets just in case I get trick or treaters - Nothing - No-one.
This year I am not gonna bother…( yes I know what will happen) :grin:

Our Postmistress takes time off and organises everything for the local kids. Procession starts at 5pm … to all households who have asked/agreed to be involved. We will all scream/whimper as may be appropriate and then let the kids help themselves from the sweets/whatever.

Later on the kids/parents/locals have fun in the SdFêtes and everything gets shared out… everyone has a great time…

You sound like my dad! But only because he loves bread and dripping, not’ cos he’s a “Scrooge” :rofl: infact he is the most loving and generous man I know. :heart_eyes:
Dad will always mention it when out for dinner and ask my Mum infront of family and friends when she will make it for him.
To which my Mum will scowl and everyone will end up laughing - Families eh!!

Sounds like fun…
Here more recognition is given to “La Toussaint”. Many, including myself will be visiting on the 1st Nov the graves and those special places to remember loved ones who have passed on.
Not that a specific day is needed when they are always in our thoughts. I do find that it is respected and means a lot more here in France than in the UK. (All Saints day not Halloween!)

Oh yes, the annual scrub-up is already well under way. The cemetery will be magnificent with all the chrysanthemums etc.

Many folk come from all over France, to ensure their family tombs/graves are tended. Toussaint leadup becomes a reunion of friends and families and, providing it stays dry, these tidying sessions become quite animated affairs. :hugs:

I’m happy to always go through SFN to buy stuff from Amazon provided we split any commission.:grinning:

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I guess that might work if you agree to pay your share of the running of the site :laughing:

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If you don’t say anything to James and Cat I’ll bung you a few Euros, what do you think?:wink:

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Mat Davis i think this one will add a certain somethingimage

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Very kITch! :clown_face:

No Ralph we are going for these:

It seems entirely correct to me to have children standing beside an erect Jesus!


Mat, you are naughty! :blush: lol

We’ve got these in our UK house. Very nice. Not sure about French inspections though.