SFN's Disclosure Policy

SFN is funded by a combination of advertising revenue and donations. This means that we can keep the site free for our members; the advertisers are funding it's existence. Those advertisers come in many shapes and sizes as you will have seen. One of those advertisers is the retail giant Amazon. The way it works is that any time you click on one of the Amazon links on SFN, anything you buy within the following 24 hour period will be credited to us as a referral. Shortly after, Amazon will credit our account with a small referral commission. That commission varies but it's usually around 5% of your purchases. Sometimes it is as much as 8% but not very often. That commission does not in any way affect the price of your purchases, it's just an incentive paid to us by Amazon for referring customers.

We only recommend products that we have tried ourselves or rate personally. You won't see recommendations for stuff that we don't believe in. But you will see information about lots of stuff that we do like. In fact, it's safe to assume that if you see a product endorsement on SFN we'll be receiving some form of renumeration one way or another.

I actively go looking for such opportunities. If I see a product I like and I think you might like it too, I will approach that company and attempt to get them to send one to me to trial, ideally for free, if that fails, then heavily discounted will suffice!

This does not mean, however, that I swoon at the thought of free rubbish and will try to tout it to you as the best thing since buttery baguettes. If it's crap I'll let you know.

So, if you want to support SFN all you need to do is start all of you Amazon shopping via our links on SFN and generally keep an eye on our ads.

Thank you again for all your support!

This is for Amazon France


and this one is for Amazon UK


“James Higginson is a participant in the Amazon EU Associates Programme, an affiliate advertising programme designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.co.uk & Amazon.fr.”

Thanks Jim!

Glad I read about this as I nearly drove twenty miles to buy a battery charger for £36 when I have just bought from amazon for £28 and you will get 5-8% everyones a winner!!!

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We will try to remember to do that James.
However, at the miment there is one advert in my screen that I will not be taking up.
I will not be visiting Israeli beaches.

Liz, there is a SFN member who is not saying (and I have promised to not say who) who has one bought in the UK. It does not work here. It also looks like the USA is selling a promise. Promises are made to be broken as well as kept, so something as non-committal as a firestick that works in the EU when the EU is made up of 28 nations and who knows how many different variants on technology...

Half unrelated - but does anyone know if an amazon firestick, purchased in the UK will work here? There are rumours that amazon is introducing it here in 2016 and the US says that their customers can take it with them when they visit EU to get US TV but not sure about the IP??? ideas welcome please - we are looking for ways to give my mum in law access to netflix without the hassle of a computer. (she is 93).

Thanks Courtney, your approach and that of many of our supporters goes a long way towards keeping this community afloat.

@ Peter - the vital words were 'types of things I would buy' !!

As an SME owner coach, yes I agree Peter, support local business... But apart from one or two, I find they are mostly poorly stocked, overpriced, out of date, and the staff mostly indifferent (on a good day) and you end up having to travel to one of the big conglomerates anyway. So you may as well save the petrol, time, money!

Great thank's James I have them both and will use only those from now on. Shame I've just returned from the UK where I delivered our Business Owner Retreat on Marketing to my clients and they all left with folders, books and CD gifts...all from Amazon... Next time, though!

Building your referral income into SFN...There is no substitute for marketing.
A consistent approach to marketing that you test and measure, backed up by people knowing, liking, and trusting your brand.

@ Catharine Higginson - Dax is less than 10 kms away ! isn't it ?

@ Peter Bird - there are no shops near us selling any of the types of things that I would buy online!

No wonder local shops and commerces an services are closing down at an alarming rate. We should, wherever possible try to support our local communities, shouldn't we ?

I do buy online when local possibilities have been exhausted but yes, i'm old fashioned and proud of it.

Hi Courtney,

Much appreciated, I am exactly the same, if could get everything via Amazon I would. Probably 75% already though.

The easiest way to buy via SFN would be to bookmark the following links, that way you will always refer commission to us.

How can I get everyone to do this?!



This one for Amazon France


And this one for Amazon UK


Hi Tina

Will call you later today, sorry for the delay!


Hi James

I have a simple rule in life borne of a dislike of traveling to shops, rip off pricing and shoddy service.... If I can buy on Amazon I will, they are my FIRST port of call for everything... you simply cannot beat them for price and the most amazing service & incredible delivery.
As well as personal stuff I buy books and gifts for clients, and I get an email when I order an item, an email when its dispatched and an email when it's delivered...outstanding.

Anyhow enough of that... I'd be really happy if SFN received a referral commission... so...
How can I set it up so I always buy through your link or is your link specific for only certain items you advertise?

Hi James, I would like advertise my new Vintage Tearoom

Tea in the Teapot is fast becoming very popular over at Castelnau Magnoac and I think

it would be good advertising on your site, can you send me details and prices please.

www.teaintheteapot.com We are on facebook and twitter as well.

Thanks and look forward to hearing from you.


I’ve added this page (with links) to my homepage on the iPad. Now it will be accessible when I go to order on Amazon.

Hi Andrew, we're not working on any new affiliates at present but if you would like to advertise directly to our readership I would be more that happy to discuss options with you.



Thanks Liz!