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Please keep reminding us! I forgot totally about this. will try and remember in the future

Will do. We buy frequently from Amazon.

After being given the heads up by a neighbour I've just ordered 2 double Silentnight duvets (13.5 tog) from Amazon which are currently going for £15.62 each. I know it's Spring but (1) I always expect snow at Easter and (2) I have a 10 year old boy so you can imagine his current duvet. Should be delivered Tuesday or Wednesday next week. Bargain.

Thanks for being open & honest.

Good to know, I'll support you James. SFN is a valuable resource.

Thankyou James,

as a new-ish member we all probably don't value or thank the site enough for the valuable service you provide! I only occaisionally order from Amazon, but will certainly endeavour to order vie the SF forum in future :-)

good 2 know, then clicking from here to them is good ;-)

We also had not picked up on this but will endeavour to shop via the link in future.

Hi Celia, that's a very good question, it works like this;

The amazon associate agreement goes on a bit about it but in essence once you have clicked on a link from SFN to Amazon, anything you add to your shopping basket within the following 24 hours and then proceed to checkout within 89 day after that point is attributed as a referral from us and we will receive a commission.

So roughly speaking, yes to anything you buy so long as it's put in your basket that day and paid for within 3 months.

Thank you for helping us out like this, we really do appreciate it :)


Forgive me for being obtuse, but if we follow your link and navigate to another page, ie books, do you still get the commission? Like the others I often buy from Amazon and am about to buy books. Also if an item is already on my wish list, does that still work for you?

I just installed a double skin flue by the way, if you want to write a new post about it I can give it a plug, I'm sure there will be some knowledgable people out there.

Hi Hilary, I have just contacted them, thanks for the suggestion!


Hi James,

I'm about to make a major purchase of a woodburner or multifuel stove from these people http://www.woodburner-stoves.com/ .....perhaps you could do a similar deal with them?

I have only emailed them and would be interested to know whether any SFN members have used them (they would only be supplying not fitting) and whether they would go for a purely wood or multifuel option....whether to go for a double skin insulated flue ? etc.

I need to 'crack on' and get this thing installed in the next couple of weeks, so I would appreciate any more advice ...on top of the really useful things I have learnt in the Renovations group forum.

Thanks, Hilary, Dordogne

As an invited (UK) Amazon Vine reviewer, I think that any personal comment on consumer products is very useful to the community in general and that this is a very positive addition to SFN. Reviews differ greatly on Amazon, but in reading through varied comments, it is possible to build up a real picture of many products that we may be unsure of purchasing. On the Vine, reviewers also must accept questions on our reviews, and hopefully, answer them as fully as possible. I hope SFN will add this feature to its comments.

Note: In order to be invited to the Vine program in the US or the UK, a reviewer must have submitted over 500-1,000 useful reviews (rated by readers). It came as a surprise to receive an invitation three years ago and sometimes difficult to keep up with the number of reviews expected. Any Vine member who does not complete the reviews within thirty days may be removed from the program. Likewise any member found to be selling any free products is immediately removed. Book reviews fall under the program and copies of pre-published books in plain covers are often dispatched, providing readers an opportunity to judge a new book prior to purchase. Avid readers may also request an invitation and Amazon will consider this, based on the numbers and quaity of reviews that they have already submitted, even if they do not reach totals normally required.

Thanks David, I'll mention that in the stove fan thread, hopefully someone will take it off your hands.


Yes Shirley, we did indeed, thank you :)

Hi Cameron, that's correct, anything you buy using our links is counted as a referral sale not just an item we've recommended. Thanks for that, much appreciated.

Dear James, Catharine and all other members.
Apologies for not getting involved before; I’m always gonna … gonna do this and gonna do that but have never found the spare time … too busy with work and all that! Catharine; as requested by you ages ago, I will introduce myself soon. James; I shop regularly on Amazon so will do it through SFN from now on. If I have understood you correctly, anything purchased from Amazon via your website would attract a commission so it doesn’t need to be something you have recommended.
To everyone else thank you for your valuable information and contributions … Brian Milne immediately springs to mind … which I have found educational, worrying, interesting, fascinating, frightening, annoying and enlightening … not necessarily in that order!
Kind regards to all.
Cameron Wigg

Well I’ll keep an eye out for a bargain on your link