SFN's Disclosure Policy


(Jim Stephenson) #43

And why not James, SFN provides a good and informative service and it is only right that you should have revenue stream from advertisers and the like. a win win scenario for all.


Thanks James

I use Amazon a fair amount over the year, mostly book s and CD's. Frrom now on will go to their site through SFN.

(James Higginson) #45

Thanks Norman, much appreciated. I have added link in the navigation menu up top to make it as easy as possible to start shopping from here.

(Norman Clark) #46

I would have thought it obvious but thanks for the clarification James.

I didn't know about the amazon link though, so i will also be doing tbhat as I work (now) quite a lot with amazon.

Sorry to disagree with Brian (yet again) but I have to say that when searching for the same thing via amazon UK and amazon Fr the UK has consistently better postage rates to France than the internal Colosimmo rates. I mainly search books, blank cd and dvd's and the difference in postage is surprising - and even more so when French sites are showing delivery from the UK! Obviously an add-on.

(James Higginson) #47

Thanks Teresa, I have placed an Amazon link at the top of the page to make it easier to find. :)

(Teresa Ewart) #48

this is great James... thank you for telling us - i buy tons of stuff from Amazon UK and France for home and work - happy to (try to remember) to go through SFN...

(Howard Swift) #49

I didn't think for a minute that your standards of probity, propriety and transparency were any less. Keep up the good work. I was expecting to see a different post altogether - the one about the member who wants to sue a troll and the circumstances under which you would be prepared to provide a service address for the proceedings ;-)

(Peter Bird) #50

Thanks for the clarification James.

(Brian Milne) #51

I know Amazon UK is there, but with the free (OK, 1c) delivery charge France works out cheaper and quicker in many cases. Any chance of getting them interested too? I mainly buy through them, especially things not listed on the UK site such as the pressure cooker seal I ordered this morning.