Lighting tapers

I know this is a rather obscure question but please bear with me…

Donkey’s years ago I bought a packet of long wax tapers. I don’t know what they were deisgned for - church candles maybe? Anyway, they were absolutely perfect for lighting log fires, awkward gas burners, all sorts. I have made do recently with long matches but honestly the tapers were better and they ran out a couple of years back. I’ve searched on-line and can’t find anything like them. Do they still exist? Anyone seem any? They were mush easier to use than the lighter fuel things that an elderly relative used for her gas stove.

Havent seen them in years but cooks matches with long sticks are quite common.

Yes, I got them quite readily in the UK and they are slightly less available in France but I really like tapers! Extremely practical (speaking as someone who have used up to 6 matched lighting a barbecue when part of one taper would have done the job!)

perhaps ask a local official at your local church :thinking:

I did wonder about that… however, I’ve never set foot in the church here except as part of the local choir so am not au fait with the protocol…

Try Etsy - there are many people making interesting candles etc…

I did have a quick look there @_Brian but Etsy is usually much more craft orientated than what I’m looking for. I might even have got the originals in IKEA, they were that functional :smiley:

Amazon show many sizes for sale… I use a gas lighter myself… or matches

They seem to show a great many fancy candles but not the cheap-and-cheerful things I’m looking fir… Thinking about it, perhaps I’m living in the wrong century :rofl:

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Gosh, that brings back memories - we always had them at home for lighting the fire, I know exactly what you mean.

Not quite the same, for one thing only 6" long, but you can buy these from Amazon

I’ll get the link… @Angela

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These might be closer

I see what you mean @billybutcher - they’re a lot posher than I was thinking though. Perhaps what I’m looking for no longer exists (where is my Tardis? :thinking: )


Your second link looked just like what I had, thank you @billybutcher … gosh - 7 euros for 10… hmmmm…

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Indeed, my thoughts exactly. 70¢ would be closer :thinking:

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Make them yourself?

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Plebs version 3 euros here, you’d get a box for just over 2 euros after discounts

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Google cierges

I tried that @vero, but only got multiple references to clergé :thinking:

did you see the amazon links etc…