LINKY meter question

Think you might (just possibly😂) have replied on the wrong post @strudball

EDF and Linky are a red towel to me! They overestimated me by 13013 kwh! I have been fighting around with them since July and now I send my complaint including all proof to Paris.
I let them not enrich themselves on my bank account and that prompted the involvement of a collection agency, that kept quiet for a while, but now gets noisy again.
I would not trust EDF again, I am keeping a usage diary with personal record keeping and pictures dated by local newspapers. I also changed to Total Direct Energie and after a lot of writing and photos, they finally believe me!
So good luck to you and don’t give up!

I never let anyone else manage my money affairs,
I submit my numbers bi-monthly to EDF and pay the bill in full by Prélèvement bancaire. Spreading the cost over the year generally only benefits the supplier - I’d rather hold the money in my account until it’s required and if you’re ahead of the curve, you know within reason what your bill is going to be (based on historical use).
I maintain a simple spreadsheet to accomplish this.

For the past year I have been recording electricity, gas and water meter readings on 1st month for both pur properties on an app on my phone called ECAS.

It has highlighted we had quite a water leak so was well worth it.

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My Linky is being fitted later this week. Does anyone know whether it is possible to have a remote meter inside the house like the smart meters in UK?

It will get fitted in exactly the same place as your old meter

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Why do you need a meter? Just use your phone.


Ah! So they have an app? Didn’t know about that, cheers Jane. Does it show the hourly readings as well as a current kWh reading?

Yes, you can get it in KwH or €s, in 30min blocks if you wish.

However a 24 hour time lag

Great. Many thanks but I really need an instant reading so that I can see how much each piece of electrical equipment takes/costs. For instance when in UK with my smart meters I could see that my dishwasher cost 23p for a quick 30 minute cycle. Also to see what the useage is when everything is switched off to check the cost of keeping devices on standby etc, etc. I still have the meters I used pre-smart meters but the wiring coming out of my meter box is different from UK and does not allow me to fix the transmitter around the main wire as it is in a large conduit exiting the box.

You can easily fit a current sensor on the main supply conductors when they arrive at the main/first tableau. They don’t need to be near the meter, just on the line at some point before any splits in the supply.

Unfortunately the wires leaving our meter box on the ground floor are encased in a thick plastic conduit and go vertically up and disappear through the floor above. We are on the deuxième étage.

You can do that, but just have to be a bit more organised. When we first got the linky I wanted to really work out the costs of running our gîte (on same electrical supply) and all our assorted electrical equipment. I got a bit obsessed TBH…:face_with_hand_over_mouth:

So for about a week I noted down absolutely everything, using same time slots as linky monitoring. And from that I could work out what was responsible for usage. Ok not as easy as turning something on and peering at a smart meter, but doable. (I couldn’t get smart meter when lived in a london flat either because of fat cables)

Sadly forgot to turn off hot water heat pump when we went on holiday last autumn, so still don’t have a standby only reading but will get that one day.

I don’t think you read my post correctly. The conditions prior to your apartment are not relevant. You can fit a current sensor in the tableau in/for your apartment. It will read the same current there as it would near the meter.

Cheers Jonathan. :slightly_smiling_face: