Linux/ Ubuntu instead of Microsoft Windows etc

I recently transferred over to Linux/Ubuntu 10.04 instead of Microsoft, Windows etc.
It’s a super system, but I now have to sort out my webcam and uploading pics from my camera.
Skype have not yet updated their software for Linux.
I am waiting for the PC engineer to contact me to sort this out. Is there anyone out there who also now has Linux installed ? I would be glad to hear from them.

I have had Ubuntu running with a Windows dual boot for years now. There are not many programs that I still need to boot to Windows for, I think that the last time I botted into windows was about 3 months ago!

With the photos from a camera, I find the best thing to do is use a USB card reader (around €8) and put the camera card into it. Ubuntu sees the card as a drive under "places" at the top bar. You can then copy and paste the pictures into the PC.

I have Skype working fine on my Ubuntu 11.04 and on the wifes 10.04. I downloaded it from the skype site.

OK you can install Linux onto an external drive however it maybe a little slower than running it on a partition, but apparently it will be easier to install.

Sorry i have been out for most of the this afternoon!

So glad you are making some head way with this issue Rosie, i’ll send my number via private message.

Stuart i think it should be possible to create a partition on your current hard drive and run Linux on one and Windows on the other!

But i would definitely contact someone with more knowledge than i have on this, I will ask a tech friend of mine later and let you know what he says.

Sorry Stuart - I am not an expert with Lubuntu, as I said in previous e-mails.
Perhaps there is a kind person out there who could help
Good luck

I was thinking that but didn’t want to upset anyone. Personality problem “will avoid conflict if at all possible”.


If you post this over in the computer corner group it will get more exposure, there are a few Linux experts there too.

Kind regards


Can you get to the Ubuntu software centre prior to installing it to see what runs etc?
Could I run it from my external hard drive? I say this because I’m sure the design software I use (Inventor / Catia / Autocad etc) will only run in windows, so I may have to have both options.

Yes, Stuart, both will run
Have a look at the linux/Ubuntu website - its quite interesting.

Thanks Rosie.

I was wondering if Chrome and Picassa ran under Ubuntu. @Emma, maybe you could reply.

Hi Stuart,
Well, I m still ploughing through the various programmes that were installed for me. However, read my previous remarks. I have literally been left to sort things out by myself, hence my cry for help.
I have ( allelulia ! ) Now at last managed to upload my photos onto F. Spot photo manager, and had to use a card reader to do this.
Well, if I tell the honest truth - yes - Linux/Ubuntu 10.04 is a super set up, but it takes a bit of getting used to.
You will not have any problems with virus or speed, as it’s very fast.
And yes - I do prefer it to Microsoft.
I think that Emma is the best person for further questions.
I hope I have been of some help.

You guys have got me thinking about installing Ubuntu as:
a/ My computer is a few years old and a wee bit slow on windows
b/ The “shop” that sold me the computer had installed the windows from one disc on several computers and when I tried to do updates it told me I didn’t have a licensed copy. (bit much for a legitimately bought computer)

Can anyone tell me if there is cheap or free software for word processing, spreadsheets etc a
Also, does Chrome, Skype, etc run under Ubuntu.
I have an Orange Live box and need to make sure that this is also compatible.

I guess you can get software for media (films, music etc)?

Look forward to hearing your comments

Allelulia !!
Have done this Emma, and now have F Spot installed, but my photos won’t upload. I see sign saying Error connecting to camera, could not lock the device while connecting to camera
.Maybe is am dim after all, and I am wondering if you would allow me to phone you, as it may save time and effort.
All my calls are free, so no problem.
If you agree, please let me have your number and a convenient time to call you.

Haha enjoy that stiff gin!

Ok once in the Ubuntu software centre you should see on the left hand side ‘Get software’ and ‘Installed software’

Simply click ‘Get software’

Go to the ‘Graphics’ option,

At the bottom of the page you should see a scroll down bar with tons of options to select, they are all listed alphabetically keep scrolling down until you find the one you want and hit install it should do it all for you.

Good- luck

Hi Eemma,
Well I was charged 175.00 euros for taking off microsoft, and “installing” Linux/lubuntu 10.04.
Well I have at last found the Ubuntu software centre, but it does not convey much - perhaps you might help me on this please.
It says: Graphics Internet Office Science & Engineering

Sound and Video Themes and Tweeks Developer tools


So where do I go from there ?
Believe me, I have worked with computers for many years, but I ave never seen a set up like this !
I am now going to have a bite to eat and a stiff gin !

Hi Rosie

Sorry to hear about the ‘PC Engineer’ i hope he didn’t charge you for the Ubuntu OS as it’s free!!!
and for him not to help you or make sure things are configured correctly is indeed very poor service.
But don’t give up on Ubuntu yet!!!
Are you going to a website to look for software or the Ubuntu software centre located in your PC’s main menu?
You should be able to install single software packages from there.
I’m not a professional in anyway but i am more than happy to pass on the small amount of knowledge i have.

Hi Emma
Thanks for the info re: photos etc. I had a look at the ubuntu 10.04 website and found the F Spot Photo manager, but it looks as though it cannot be downloaded on it’s own, and one has to download the whole of Ubuntu 10.04.
Am I being daft ?
The so called PC engineer that installed Linux/lubuntu 0.04 for me charged me the earth, does not make house calls, and insists that I unplug everything from the tower and transport it to him each time I have a glitch. As you can imagine, this is not exactly professional after sales service !
Having trawelled through what he has installed, half the stuff is not configured correctly, so at present I tear my hair out each time I want to do something on the PC.
Have you any ideas, please ?
I would be grateful

Hi Rosie

My photos are imported and saved straight to F-Spot photo manager, if you don’t already have this software you should be able to install it from the Ubuntu software centre.
I hope this helps.

Hi Emma,
Good to hear from you
Web cam will not work until SKYPE updates their site. Have a look at their website. There are many comments from Linux/Ubuntu users there.
As for uploading photos from my digital camera, well I have tried. I went to UK recently and bought a card reader as recommended by Fujifilm ( my camera make) Well I inserted the card into the reader, plugged it into the PC tower and allelulia ! I got the photos up on the screen.
Alas - I cannot find anywhere to be able to save them permanently, and once the card reader is unplugged, the photo files then go black and cannot be opened.
Do you have a solution for this ? I would be very grateful to know how I can overcome this.