Live in France, Work in the UK


My name is Samantha and I work for Helping Hands, a family-owned care company based in the UK.

Have you ever considered doing something amazing and becoming a live-in carer?

You will receive free, comprehensive training, full support, the opportunity to make a real difference to someones life and to earn up to £580 per week. Perfect for those who want to enjoy their time in France and have a career in care in the UK.

No experience is necessary, so if you’re interested in speaking to us about a role as a Live in Carer, get in touch.

Just be aware that spending more than 45 days a year in the UK, and physically working there for more than 40 days can call into question your residence status if you have family in UK. If you also have somewhere to live it is even more likely.

Just because France thinks you are resident doesn’t mean that the UK can’t think that too…which can create a big tax muddle. If you are
Considering doing something that requires more time in UK then check out the UK statutory residence test.

More than 183 days works for France, but not for the UK.

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Also you should be CRB checked for care work in the Uk

You are correct :slight_smile: this is now called a DBS check and all part of the paperwork we complete before employment

I dont understand your clarification and the 45 days ? I live in Spain work in UK as a carer . I am actually employed as opposed to SE with the care company iap am with so taxed paye.

I declare all my tax in Spain and am taxed in Spain as well . I certainly work more than 45 days and i have a permanent spanish residence card . It has never called into question my status in Spain , i an a Spanish resident . The only queries i have had is they would prefer i pay all may taxes in Spain but as paye they accept i am taxed at source .

I have not read anything about 45 days , only that if in uk more than 183- then you are considered uk resident .
Always confusing anyway as they say you can be dual resident :flushed:

Well then I guess you’ve been lucky. As if you work more than 40 days in the UK, have family there, and have access to accommodation (not a hotel) then and have spent more than 45 days in the UK then you can be considered a UK resident.

It all changed in 2013. But because no-one adds up how many times you go in and out of the country then no one will notice. Brexit will change that! You will now probably be counted in and out of the UK.

It’s complicated, but the simplest test is the three things below. If you meet any of these criteria then you are NOT a UK resident. If don’t meet one of them, then check out “statutory residence test” as you could be on muddy ground.

  1. You were considered as a UK resident in one or more of the previous three tax years, but you spend fewer than 16 days in the UK in the current tax year
  2. You spend fewer than 46 days in the UK in the tax year AND you were non-UK resident in the preceding three tax years
  3. You work full time outside the UK and spend fewer than 91 days in the UK and you work fewer than 31 days in the UK for three hours or less in any given day.
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Hi Jane

I just do not know its so complicated . I have been advised several times as i use tac accounts here in Spain. My main residence is in Spain , i have no hime in the UK .

I was always advised as long as spent less than 183 days in uk , NOT a uk resident . It seems for tax purposes as employed by a uk company and paye tax resident but advised thats different than domicillary resident .

The spanish consider i am resident here as home here , deckare tax here and here more than the 183 days .

However i shall look again , perhaps France is different to uk , not sure how working for over 45 days makes you resident . I have family there but never visit, no time . Work as live in at various houses so ni actual accommodation of myniwn .

Thanks Elaine


I see you are looking for a 6-month rental in France - I believe that 3 months is the maximum holiday rental (?) - so would you be making France your “permanent” home ???

Under what terms would you be living and working in France?

After Brexit, things in Europe might well be a little difficult for itinerant Brits - or perhaps you are not British ???

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It’s nothing to do with France or Spain, it’s the UK laws!

All I’m suggesting is that perhaps you should look into it a bit more carefully as things that have been under the radar up to now may well not be after Brexit. So you need to understand what implications this might have for you.

From my take on it you could have three UK ties (family or more than 91 days in previous years, accessible accommodation and working more than 40 days in UK) so can only spend 90 days in the UK or you will be considered resident. See here which sets it out very simply


No offence taken glad you mentioned . Its just a minefield as i did look into it , and contacted uk and of course tax assessors here .

I will look and thank you

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Thank you

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