Local election results

Well here’s one good result to start with… :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I hear that, when he returned with ID, he misspelled the X.


That is priceless!! And well done to the Polling Station staff for enforcing the stupid law without fear or favour (I bet they enjoyed doing so!!).


More real-life gags from Clown Island!


Another tory MP also forgot his ID - allegedly due to his mental disability (?) and Veterans turned away because their Veteran ID card is not acceptable ID…

As you say: Clown Island. :clown_face:

A buddy of mine close to CCO just messaged that Johnson’s gaff was on purpose. Bad publicity is good publicity etc… If so, it has certainly worked. What is he up to now, I ask nervously :rofl:


My theory, based on years of observation of his self-entitled behaviour and belief that rules are for the little people, is that he simply thought “I don’t need to bring ID, everyone knows who I am.”


Indeed. Could well. be. Either way, I think he and/or his team saw some good publicity in this!

I just imagine the scene: Tories are crushed in the current elections. Half-pint has to hold head in shame and call a July GE. There is no way with the shame of it, he can lead the party into a GE. Tories need someone quickly with enough charisma to at least get something out of a GE. Enter Boris… :clown_face:

My friend hinted at ‘be prepared for a few more publicity gaffs’…!

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At least he’s not in a position to do that, as he’s not got a seat at the moment.

Also he now knows that being PM isn’t for him - he always wanted to be & to have been one, but putting in the actual work wasn’t to his taste or ability.


They would quickly find a safe seat to shoehorn him into…

I do not think in a million years, the Tories would be in a winning position for the next election, so no fear of him being PM again, but he would - dare I admit it - be good to lead an opposition for a bit. A bit like Trump, whatever he falls into, it smells of roses.

I really hope Johnson falls into obscurity - we absolutely don’t want his hand in parliamentary politics again.


The Tories are going to lose the Red Wall than turned light Blue in the last GE, but will it be enough to put the post-Corbyn omnishambles that is Labour in charge?

Anyone know when the London Mayoral result is due?


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Because the returning officers wont pay the congestion charge? :rofl:


Because the trains are on strike. :smiley:

Real reason:

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And how stupid.

They are so stupid that they want to turn further right.
Reform is already ahead of them.
They should look at what happened to Labour with Jeremy Corbyn.

Actually the train drivers are not on strike until Monday… I was joking.

I thought they had accepted a better offer?