Local Food Specialities - add your own favourites

Canelé is a speciality little “cake” (for want of a better word) from the Bordeaux area…

I’ve eaten them, freshly baked … in the Gironde, Dordogne and Charente-Maritime

they’ve been introduced to Paris… and are possibly elsewhere now.

What speciality comes from your area/region/village… ???

Kouign Amann (Brittany) - which, freshly made, can be delightful (heart attack on a plate though).


That’s a really difficult one, Stella, as whenever anyone mentions local specialities here the main item is andouille (made extremely locally) and although I’ve tried really hard to eat it, I have to admit defeat as it tastes and smells of exactly what it is (otherwise known as colon sausage…)

However, thinking about it, slightly more broadly, there is always Calvados :smiley: Especially dribbled over an apple sorbet!


I’m with you Angela on this one. Round here (47) - duck, duck and more duck and they are great fat goose-like things because of the foie gras market - I’m not a fan! :frowning_face:

Agen prunes are great though - plump and juicy, quite unlike the horrid dried things from California. Coated in chocolate, or soaked in Armagnac, or stuffed with creamed prunes. Yum! :grin:



We visited this (bio) apple farm… our gang had a fabulous time tasting all sorts of lovely stuff… hic


Came back with some 58% proof Calvados, which is rather strong and sipped with great caution… not yet dared to open the bottle… :rofl:

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Ah yes! Not far from us and I can confirm that their Calva is wonderful. However, there are smaller Calva-producing farms very close by us and I have been to a dégustation in one of the cellars. When they offer you bread and goats cheese to eat with it you know it’s going to be …er…interesting :smiley:

A tip learned from that experience is to get someone else (preferably teetotal) to drive you there :rofl: :rofl:

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They most definitely are - we were talking about those just the other day! Particularly the mi-cuit ones, which are soooo succulent…


have you been peeking over my shoulder…??

My speciality chocolates are in great demand around here.
I use the really plump Agen prunes and mix and match according to the preferences of the friends who will be eating them … chocolate, strong alcohol, piment d’Espelette… etc etc…

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Tourteau Fromage - I have no idea where it’s from but a stall sells them ( and only them ) at the market in Loches and they are heavenly. Looks like charcoal but no burnt taste at all. Like a sweet dense dough with a crust on the base. Absolutely amazing…



Delicious, I believe… something to look out for…
I love goats cheese

Image result for tourteau fromager

"Le tourteau fromager , surprenant gâteau rond à la surface noire, est un des fleuron de la gastronomie du Poitou Charentes. Il est originaire du sud Deux-Sèvres, du pays Mellois, plus exactement. "

“The Tourteau, a surprising round cake with a black surface, is one of the flagships of Poitou Charentes gastronomy. Originally from the south of Deux-Sèvres, from the Mellois region, to be more exact.”

Good Food will find it’s way all over the world… let alone France. :wink:

OH drives and I profit… hic…

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I’m not !!

Don’t often find andouille in 12, but fortunately we do have andouillettes, tripoux and les tripes (won’t go on about the joys of tripe, as I’ve done that at length a couple of times before); also have aligot, truffade morue and stockfish (those last two are really Iberian and Scandinavian respectively). As for cheese, well there’s Roquefort and the rest is just cheese!

Interestingly, years ago I had an andouille served hot like haggis and that was what it tasted like so I decided andouille was great. Now I don’t know if I misheard anf what I had was something else, or whether there really is a huge variety in the flavours of andouille but I’ve never found anything like the one I first had, since…

Those are certainly two things I know and love… :+1: :+1:

Having been disappointed with andouillettes when I tried them at our local resto… I was apprehensive to find it on the Menu de Jour which a friend had booked for us…
at a little auberge just south of Bergerac.

Good manners forced me to try eating a little… and it was a wonderful surprise to find that this time… “andouillette” was delicious… OH saw me eating with gusto and soon we had licked our plates clean. :rofl:

We later took the time to chat with the chef… who explained these were duck andouillettes, made to his own recipe.
Certainly something to look out for… :+1:


Bordering on Limousin, I would go for mique et petit salé. Having that on the menu always used to guarantee a restaurant would be full (BC - before Covid). Hopefully that will be possible again sometime.

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La miche is not something I’ve found (yet)… it sounds a bit like a dumpling (of sorts).

I’d be quite willing to have it on my plate… :+1:

After our wonderful food experience of today (not having been in a restaurant for at least 18 months) I’m keen to try all sorts of things! We eat well at home but it’s lovely to have a go at regional specialities. Now it’s easier to travel… I wonder whether there are specialities in the Jura region. We are going there for a short break to mark a rather significant birthday (:roll_eyes: )

That’s it Sunbeam ! A French friend makes huge ones cooked in the steam on top of the meat and vegetables, to serve an army. It’s delicious when freshly cooked and served, but doesn’t reheat well. I’ve not tried to make it yet, but might have a go…

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Even my cats go bananas for duck.

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