Long term house rental wanted Aude

Unfurnished house wanted to rent long term in the Aude, between Limoux and Quillan. Preferably in the country with a garden. Two bed minimum. Must have decent heating, and an open fire would be lovely! Must accept elderly well behaved non barking Scottie!

Hello Louise

Have a look at this site . Lots of property available.

Best of luck.


Thank you! Have trawled it but nothing in this area! But have alerts posted.


How about writing to the Maire in the communes you are interested in? Most communes have some housing for rent, normally unfinished.

Ah that’s a shame. I hope you find something soon.

Thank you for the suggestion Mark … I think that most of the houses within a commune are mainly social housing though which I don’t qualify for. But always worth asking. Lived in the area for 20+ years, then decided to go back to England … definitely come home again! Rental market seems to be more word of mouth.


Louise… in our Commune we have one property that I would call Council Housing … as it is owned by the Commune and rented out to keep the number of residents as high as possible. . we are allowed to rent that property out on the open market, at a good rate (for us).

On the other hand… the Commune owns another 2 properties which we do class as Social Housing and the Rent is Controlled…rented to low-income families… so the Commune gains only a small income from them …but we do gain the kids etc… (and loads of dogs and cats… :upside_down_face: )

Always worth having a word with the Mairie… we will not be the only Commune doing this sort of thing… :relaxed:

I lived near Quillan for 3 years and then left very disappointed with the region its so poor let alone the high winds and lack of rain
Whist I was there 6 local houses went up in flames I suspect insurance fraud and as for beggars what a dump

Horses for courses, I suppose!

Oh dear… I’ve got friends who live in Quillan (on the river) and have always found it to be a delightful area… they bought the house 12 years ago and we visit them every now and then.

I suppose that just shows the difference between visiting an area and actually living there…

Re the house-fires… what was the result ??.. was anyone hurt and was the reason for the fires ever determined ??? Please don’t leave us with such a cliff-hanger… :upside_down_face::fearful::face_with_raised_eyebrow::roll_eyes:

That’s not very nice Graham. It’s Louise’s chosen home and she obviously loves it there.

What’s that old saying? If you’ve got nothing nice to say…

I’ve just seen Dave Sheriton @des10e mention Limoux in another post so I think he may live there. Maybe he can suggest some websites covering the local area that you may not have looked or he may have some useful contacts.

It’s okay! I lived here for nearly twenty years, loved it and have now come ‘home’. I can understand that lots of Brits don’t like it as it is ‘la France profonde’ and not the Dordogne … but neither are the prices! I was never part of an expat group (as my husband ws French) but can see that a lot of expats do miss out not fraternising with the enemy!


As a newbie to the site … is the contact for Dave on this site! A senior moment!

just answered my own question!

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I have tagged him so he will see the message and may reply. If not just click on his name and you will be able to send him a private message.

He is hiding his light under a bushel (pseudonym) @des10e … Dave stand up and be counted, please… :grinning:

Hi Louise. We know of a couple of places that would be available for long term lets but they are both furnished and both north of Limoux. My knowledge tends to be of Limoux north to Carcassonne. I can ask around various friends and colleagues, as you say, much seems to be done by word of mouth. By long term would you be looking at a three year contract preferably rolling over to another 3 years or just looking for a 6 month/1 year contract? We do have friends who know much ore about the Quillan area so will definitely ask them.

Thanks for the heads up Mandy.


Thanks Dave for replying. I hope you will be able to help Louise find something. Isn’t this forum wonderful. :grinning:

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I should like to claim credit for thinking of the destiny/des10e tag but most of it comes from my internal code at a past job which was des10.

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