Look to the skies ... 2021

6, 7, 8 August:
All across France, folk will be looking up and marvelling at the shooting stars

check your local Press for what’s going on around you…

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Thanks for the reminder Stella. They don’t seem to mention the Perseides meteor shower? I think the peak nights are 12th and 13th. How strange they haven’t chosen those nights. It’s a good one this year - only a crescent moon

They indeed are, my big sisters birthday is the 12th and I always go and watch for them and think of her, this year will be particularly poignant!

I guess it makes sense for them to have the organised things on the weekend.

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I love watching the activity in the skies… and chat with friends and family who are definitely up there somewhere… :hugs:


and, for our American friends…

Let’s hope that the clouds will part, the skies will clear and the Perseids will be visible this year… (there have not been many nights for star-gazing this year).

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Ah, not an update thread on travel restrictions then! :slight_smile: back to ducks in a row.

Is star gazing a valid reason to be out post 11pm curfew, lol…

Get out there at dusk… tonight… 10th August

Did anyone spot Mars last night ?

I couldn’t… although I’d seen it the night before without realizing what it was…
In the darkness, just a very bright light lurking very low on the horizon, peeping through the silhouettes on the ridge opposite our terrace… and in the moments that I looked away and turned back, it was gone.

Last night… the moon and venus were beautiful… in its last moments the sliver of moon seemed to have a rose-gold tinge …

The pair didn’t hang about very long… but dipped, then slipped below the horizon and it still took quite some time before the sky over there finally darkened enough to see the other stars.

Wonderfully relaxing though… gazing upwards, thinking gentle thoughts.

Perséides… tonight’s the night…


I’ve just looked out NE from the balcony and I can’t see any of these words in the sky?


The light pollution must be getting worse round here…

Too cloudy last night - shame!

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Perhaps try again on a clearer night.- the words can only normally be seen by the naked eye, so make sure you have no clothes on!

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We saw several after 23:00 last night in SE 47 went the clouds parted for about 20 minutes.

Our youngest was delighted to see her first Perseids!


Very sadly I didn’t see the clouds part so didn’t see any!

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Sadly, the clouds held hands … and blocked our view…

Ah well, there’s always next time… I believe in 2026 things should be ideal :wink:

Heavens Stella, it’s not just one night - certainly there will be plenty to look out for tonight and tomorrow night. I’m keeping fingers crossed tonight will be clear for our just-arrived guests.