Looking at the new 'aides' for 2021!

Oh my trying again to get my head around it all to see if we can get some help with our massive renovations and get our house a bit more eco. A friend recently had a comapany around and they said that the government has had to put up a certian amount of money and that they are struggling to use it all so really worth looking into. I’m not sure if it was on here or another forum that someone posted this link to a very clear summary of what grants / subsidies are available:

A few questions to start off with:

  • I know some of you have had the €1 insulation (which we can’t have as we have no combles perdu) but has anyone had any of the other grants etc?
  • separate from this but as an idea of price has anyone had a solar hot water system installed? The grant is €4,000 but if it is going to cost a lot more than that then it isn’t an option for us (particularly when hubby has all the panels / tanks etc ready to make our own system).

Thanks for any answers and feedback you may have on this.

And what do they mean by this? Isolation des toitures terrasses literally the roof of your terrace (don’t have one so that’s no good :rofl: )

Flat roofs.

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Roof terrace :wink:

Don’t have either of them!!! Crikey it is so confusing working out what you have / what you can get!

This is one of the things I don’t like about France, it’s so interventionalist which costs a bloody fortune. I’d prefer they tax us less (generally, not impôts which are relatively low) and let us choose how we spend the money! It also means you can’t do the work yourself :frowning:


Totally agree andrew, with having to use these ‘approved’ people it seems to take away the benefit in many cases,. P articularly for us where we do ALL the work, often using ‘pre-loved’ materials more suited to our old house or picking up bargains on LBC of new or nearly new things. I’ve become more interested this year as they have changed things a bit and my friend has actually spoken to someone who has assured her that she can have solar and a airsource pump with nothing to pay up front between the Gov and the EDF grants.

An example (of the most important thing we need to do) is the insulation, they are granting €20 / m2 for insulation, both roof and flloor but then I came across a chart that showed that they are allowed to charge up to €70 / m2. Seriously that just becomes uninteresting to a huge degree when we are totally capable of doing the insulation oursleves! If they gave us the €20 / m2 we could buy the most amazing insulation that you can get and lay it ourselves!!


Get an advisor round and they will work out exactly what you are entitled to, including any regional grants. Here’s the link https://www.faire.gouv.fr/


That’s a very useful link @cat. Thank you! We have so much to do too…

Yeah, I figured that has to be the next step really! Have you done it?

Still feeling a bit ropey so will wait until I have a b it more energy to deal with it!

I filled in the contact form last week funnily enough and got a reply directing me to the local contact within 24 hours. Have just emailed and will let you know how I get on as we’d like to replace windows and overhaul the heating / hot water situation. Watch this space…!


Excellent, will be really interested to hear how it goes :grin:

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Cat, have you heard from them / had them come out?

We got a letter yesterday from the SOLiHA requesting our livret de famille / or ID / avis d’impôts and taxe foncière- sending it off tomorrow and will keep y’a posted! Xx

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I’m trying to be brave and do something about this! I couldn’t find a contact form for the Perigueux office but they have an email and a telephone number. i think calling may be easier as my written French is beyond awful :rofl:

Still no reply!? Not a quick process is it - 26 days since you first started!

Nothing yet! I will report back…
I would send them an email and get things rolling!

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Hi Catherine
Have you made any progress with your ‘aides’ application? Is it difficult?
We would like to apply but it looks SO complex, do you know if there are people around who could help/give advice?
Thanks Beth

No ! That has just reminded me to chase them up again. I think lots of departments are functioning at half capacity…

Thanks Catherine - Do you have ideas re getting someone to help us through?

The Che Choisir magazine has done an article last month about the 1 euro deals disappearing soon. (link further down this post.)

60-millions-mag.com might allow their highly useful article about the traps and gotchas to avoid to ensure you get the grant paid out, to be viewed online. It’s on page 60 of their February issue keywords “Renovation energetique”. 4 pages of gotchas to avoid. I have the hard copy but not sure how to share it’s jolly useful.

Can someone advise - as you need a tax return to apply :
Will this year’s tax declaration be enough when done? Wondering if it has to be one from a previous year. This year will be my first, wondering if that excludes me from looking into these grants as there’s not one already filed?