Looking For Cream Cheese In France?

(Fabien Thierry) #1

Hi Everyone,

Believe it or not we have an employee at " American Corner Store " who found Philadelphia CREAM CHEESE in the Toulouse area.

You’re probably wondering why an employee that works for an American food store would share such information with potential, new clients. Well it’s simple folks… we here at " American Corner Store" are an honest group who are not afraid of a little healthy competiton.

Thus, Contact “American Corner Store” on Facebook if you’re in the Toulouse area or plan on passing by the Toulouse area, during the summer vacation, if you wish to purchase REAL PHILADELPHIA CREAM CHEESE.

Who has a fantastic cheesecake recipe they’d like to share ???

Happy Eating France Survivors !!!


Your 1-Stop Shop For A Taste Of America In Europe !!!

(Fabien Thierry) #2

Hello Karina,

As far as cheesecake is concerned, I like you believe that Philadelphia Cream Cheese is the best… however that being said I also beleive that everyone has the right to their own opinion - it’s a shame however that some cannot express their ideas without being offensive.

Thank you for letting me know that the links are not working on my SF page. Please click on the link below which will redirect you to the “American Corner Store” FB page. Once there please join our group of friends which will allow you access to the “Discussion” tab box for ACS - there you will find all the information needed concerning where one of ACS’s employees found REAL Philadelphia Cream Cheese.


Additionally “American Corner Store” is currently holding a contest where the Winner will receive absolutely FREE a bag of the NEW M&M’s Pretzel and a bag of M&M’s Coconut. You may find information concerning the contest here on my SF page under “Events” or on the “American Corner Store” FB page. Contest ends in 48hrs !!! If you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me.

Kindest Regards,


(Richard Randall) #3

I’m not a fan of ‘grassy’ goats cheese. It reminds me of August (always raining!!) picnics on the South Downs when young.

(Catharine Higginson) #4

Never would have thought of that!

I dunno about the grassy goats cheese and carrots though…at least if nothing else, it sounds like my horses would like it…:slight_smile:

(Richard Randall) #5

If I was going to top a carrot cake, I used use very fresh goats cheese but it needs to be from the Mediterranean coast because then the goat will have had a diet of wild herbs and flowers, giving a very subtle herb flavour to the cheese. Goats cheese from wet climates tends to taste a bit grassy so not a great topping for carrot cake.

(Catharine Higginson) #6

@ Karina -I honestly don’t think any of these comments are offensive - strong opinions maybe but politely expressed!

@ Richard - so does that work for carrot cake then too? ( Am not known for my cookery skills so apologies if its a stupid question…)

@ Mark - good point, had forgotten about the Kraft connection and now I will have to be an ethical shopper. Which is shame as I have a weakness for the P stuff. Think it dates back to the series of adverts with the two girls in and the fact that Philly plus Ryvita was seen as THE upmarket diet snack of choice in the 80’s - brings back happy memories of getting ready for 6th form disco’s…

(Mark Johnston) #7

If you strain whole milk yoghurt through a cheesecloth for a few hours you have perfectly good, and cheap, cream cheese, in my opinion better than than the plastic packaged stuff.

(Richard Randall) #8

And by the by, you use Gvina Levana to make cheese cake which can be found in most parts of France (large towns) ex parts of the south of France (L-R) but easy to get online.

(Karina Driscoll) #9

I have clicked on your links, but can not find an address ? i love to make cheesecakes and Philadelphia is the best, i have tried other products, but they are not the same. I have not posted for a while , and find some comments very offensive on this thread

(Richard Randall) #10

Mark, they make some great food products in the U.S. but only seem to export the junk. Evil Empires like Kraft, McD, Coke etc. need to be shunned in favour of those with more ethical treatment of staff, environment, sourcing and better quality produce.
And the idea of making a cheese cake with Philadelphia Cream Cheese had me laughing so much my sides hurt.

(Mark Johnston) #11

I’m going to throw my opinion into this fascinating discussion. Philadelphia is owned by Kraft, also known as the Plastic Cheese Company which has recently taken over Cadbury and thrown hundreds of people out of work in the UK. It has shut factories after promising it wouldn’t and opened new ones in Poland. Stop me if this is too political.
Having said that alternatives are difficult to find, (Neufchatel?) and for some there is no alternative. I broadly agree with Richard though. For me American food is usually an oxymoron.

(Fabien Thierry) #12

Yes I do agree Helen… Yummy :o)

Thanks for offering to share your New York Cheesecake recipe Sandra… I’ll check in later so that I may print it out. By the way, you’re absolutely right concerning using St Moret in a cheesecake recipe - although St Moret is a delightful, mild cheese it does not render a REAL New York Cheesecake… and once again you’re right in the fact that certain things just cannot be substituted !!! In fact, forget about posting the recipe Sandra and just save me a huge slice of your New York Cheesecake when you make it… just kidding!

Wishing one and all a good evening.


(Sandra Hanks) #13

When I get a few spare moments I will post the recipe on your group Helen - just not enough hours in the day at the moment!

(Catharine Higginson) #14

Yes please!! I love cheesecake…

(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #15

I’m sure Loran will agree!
How about posting up the recipe?

(Sandra Hanks) #16

I make a New York Cheesecake and use 4 tubs of Philidelphia Cream Cheese - I have tried all the substitutions (St. Moret etc) and it is not the same taste/quality - I visit Irun, Spain every couple of months so it is always on my shopping list (Alcampo Hypermarket which is Auchan in France). I also buy the big jars of Hellmans Mayo, another product, in my opinion, that cannot be substituted! :slight_smile:

(Fabien Thierry) #17

Hello Catharine & Helen,

Firstly, thank you for your posts … I’m in total agreeance with you both ! Life is short thus there is nothing wrong with indulging ourselves from time to time with foods, goodies and/or drinks that we enjoy. In fact, anyone who shops in any major grocery store whether it be in the United States, France, Germany or the like leaves with their grocery bags filled with mass produced food & beverage products as that is how the majority of all food & beverage products are made.

Thanks for the info on the “Guilty Pleasures” blog … I’m certainly going to check that out !! In my home “Keebler Town House FlipSides Pretzel Crakers” have become like a “staple food” Miam :o)

Have a wonderful day ladies !!!


(Helen Aurelius-Haddock) #18

I agree - I think the odd indulgence (or two or three) is sometimes a great comfort.
I wrote a blog post about it a while back called guilty pleasures.
I think my position is clear on this subject - whatever floats your boat, just enjoy!

(Catharine Higginson) #19

I think its the taste of home factor. I never ever craved HP sauce till I moved to France and that is full of utter crap (probably) but it has become a must have addiction…

(Fabien Thierry) #20

Hello Richard,

In fact, Philadelphia Cream Cheese is a very popular and delicious American food product that is very sought after even here in France… however as the old saying goes “Everyone has the right to their opinion”.