Looking for feedback on climate in Charente, Creuse & Corrèze

Right now I live in Saône-et-Loire but I dislike the climate which is very humid, rainy and very few sunshine. I would like to buy a farm for my animals in Charente or in Corrèze or in Creuse but I have no idea of the mentality of the French people there and where is the best climate for someone who spends a lot of time outdoor. Can someone give me some advice? Thanks…Simchou

Simone… what animals do you have… ??

Hi Stella, At the moment I have 4 dogs, 1 cat and 2 horses but I want to buy a farm with 3-4 ha of land so I can adopt 2 pigs, 2 sheep, chicken, may be one more horse or donkey … I love animals.Why do you ask?

Hi Simone…

I ask, out of interest, but also because your animals (current and future) are an important part of the equation when looking/finding just the right place for you. :relaxed:

Huh??? Wind up alert…

Do you live in Charente or in Creuse?

Neither… but I have friends in both. :relaxed:

Excuse me but I don’t understand what you mean … I am Swiss (french speaking)

So can you tell me how it is to live in these departments? Meteo and native people?

Weather can be researched. Local people? That’s impossible as any neighbour might be the best ever or the neighbour from hell. Do some searching on the SFN as not long ago a member called Paul Lewis gave his strong opinion on both the locations that you are interested in.

Thanks, I will look up Paul Lewis’s opinion

We have lived in southern Creuse for a long time, on the PNR plateau de millevache. As for climate, never had snow in June July, August or September. Had barbecues in February as well. Been quite dry last few years, but not always like that.

People, how much time have you, sorry I , got! Like anywhere I guess, some real arseholes but the French are OK, generally very friendly but a mainly aged population here as not so much work outside of the main towns. Farming is one of the main occupations.

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Thanks, Mark, what about hunters? Here in Sâone-et-Loire, they rule everything almost half the year!

Yes, there is the chasse.

Mostly they are OK, but like elsewhere the welfare of their dogs isn’t brilliant. It is such a large and underpopulated area, we only see them every 2 or 3 weeks but they are OK. Our house (in the middle of nowhere) seems to be a homing point for lost chasse dogs, we give them some food and call the owners who come and get them.

They (the “chasse”) are necessary here otherwise the sanglier population would get out of control.

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We live in North Creuse and have excellent French friends and have only encountered a welcome. As for weather, that is more difficult, with the climate changing because of the magnetic poles etc, weather has become very unpredictable. Last year was rain until May, then very dry warm conditions right up to the end of the year. Some areas were put on water restrictions. So far this year there has been very little rain and the farmers are not happy with it. I don’t have horses but friends have a dozen and they have spent quite a lot on feed this year due to the conditions. In this area we have not had any snow but further south, near Aubusson, they did have some. However, prices for property/farms are very cheap here.

Thanks Jayne for this information. You are right, weather is getting more and more unpredictable everywhere so I’ll have to decide on other basis. Lots of land for little money is a good reason I guess. I will spend a week or two driving around this spring and see how if feels…

Hi Simone, where are you in Saône et Loire? We are relocating to France and 71 is one of the 4 departments we are considering, I’m surprisedyou think it’s humid.

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Hi Catherine, Sorry for late reply. I am close to Sennecy-le-Grand, between Châlon-sur-Saône and Mâcon. It is humid because there is no snow in the winter, just low grey skies and rain. And it is also what they call “la vallée de la Saône” and if you watch the meteo on TV, you will notice that this valley is very often under clouds and mist, when everywhere else it is sunny!!! I was told that it is beause of the river ?!?! Anyway, the good point is that it doesn’t get too cold. One last thing, when it has being raining for a while, all the fields are under water, here inland but also all along the Saône. It is not the main reason why I want to move but I really don’t like it!

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Thanks Simone for your answer. We are currently in SW Scotland so it brings ‘humid’ to a different level!
Do you know if the chasse can hunt in national parks? One house we are going to look at is in the Morvan park. I hope you find where you want to be.

Hi Catherine,

I’ve driven around the Morvan and found the villages to be a bit Wuthering Heights. Also, there is always a lot of logging going on so you would need to research which areas are being cleared before you buy.

Saulieu has a bit of life, perhaps because of the prison there.

If you don’t mind rain and freezing rain there is a good selection of lovely stone townhouses in Autun, just at the southern edge of the Morvan. Some have gardens and/or coutyards for the same price as a larger rural farmhouse in the Morvan. Autun has a decent weekly market and a couple of not-bad restaurants that are able to survive because the Roman ruins and Cathedral bring summer tourists.

However, it’s a poor area, despite being near some of the best wineries in the world, and one sees lots of shops going out of business. It does have a dentist, though.

Please post how you go on.