Looking for lively towns between Bergerac and Bordeaux

Hi all,

We’ve outgrown our small townhouse in the Vienna after having two children.

We really would love to move somewhere further South and to have a house with a decent garden (2,000m2+).

We currently live in a quiet village. Fortunately we have a co op, a village pub and a tabac - but the whole area is just far too quiet for us.

We love the idea of living within walking distance of a small town - with some choice of restaurants or nightlife. And obviously schools, too.

The area between Bordeaux and Bergerac looks amazing - as not only do you have access to the both airports, but we could then access our beloved Landes coastline in a couple of hours.

Right now it takes us over an hour to get to Poitiers, meaning Leroy Merlin and Grand Frais are too far for regular trips. We’d love to be closer to the likes of Bordeaux or Berg., without actually living in the city itself.

Can anyone recommend any lively towns worth investigating. I could spend hours on Google maps and then checking out population numbers on Wikipeida, but it still doens’t give the full picture - as some towns can be complete ghost towns with not much life at all.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Hi Mikey,
My son lives close to Libourne and loves it. Very handy for Bordeaux with loads to do locally. Libourne has a nice centre with restos etc.


Hi @mikey1090

I have sent you a PM.

Libourne is really the only one you could call lively.

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And it’s home to the greatest Italian resto ever.

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Which ones?


We had lunch there, it was excellent.

The best I’ve ever tasted.

Only open lunchtimes.

Libourne was going to be my suggestion too. We’re the other side of the estuary but had considered moving closer to Bordeaux and Libourne was top of our list. Relatively affordable, easy access to Bordeaux and it’s got everything you could need.

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There are a few other towns/villages also to consider with easy access to Bordeaux and Bergerac.

Undoubtedly… I was just commenting on the towns I’m familiar with. Feel free to suggest alternatives :slight_smile:

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Périgueux - the prefecture of the Dordogne is very lively (at times)

Great place Peter J but it’s not between Bergerac and Bordeaux.


I would consider:
Ste Foy la Grande

Smaller places: Gensac, Monségur and Villefranche-de-Lonchat, Puisseguin, Montagne. (all smaller but close to the towns above)

St Emilion, St Sulpice de Faleyrand, Branne, La Reole and Sauveterre de Guyenne to name a few.

I work in Ste Foy and I wouldn’t want to live there (or Pineuilh or Port Ste Foy) and I really wouldn’t want to live in Castillon (not the sort of lively you really want…) Or any of those places bisected by the D936.

I think it is quite different living close to a particular town than actually in the town itself.

It’s not too far away - certainly a lively place to live i imagine.

Vero, do you mind if I ask why?

Are they fairly quiet aside from the usual immobillier, allianz, boulangerie etc?