Loss of Orange internet

Something very strange has been happening over the last few days. My Livebox is disconnected or breaking down every few minutes and I have had great problems doing anything on line.

At the moment it is working, obviously, but not for Netflix or You Tube. How can it be that it is working here but not there? All 3 are connected by wifi to the same router. :roll_eyes:

If your Livebox is playing up that regularly then I’d suggest it’s faulty hardware causing the issue. Give Orange a call and ask them to investigate.

Certain websites being inaccessible but not others could be caused by various things, e.g. DNS (the Domain Name System, which is just a fancy way of translating domain names like surivefrance.com into an IP address… A bit like the phone book but for IP addresses). Or those sites could be using a service such as Cloudflare, and when Cloudflare has outages it affects their clients (and those users trying to access the websites of those clients). But that would affect multiple users not just you, and they don’t tend to happen repeatedly. My money is on your Livebox being faulty and Orange will swap it out if so.


have there been storms in your area during and since the difficulties being encountered?
If there have, you may need to change out the ADSL filter (for reference - the device that plugs in to telephone line socket in to which the line out to your Livebox is plugged)

Thanks both, I’ll give them a ring tomorrow when I get a moment. There was no storm coinciding with it first happening and I tend to agree, it is the Livebox, it has been inatalled many years, only the 2nd since we first got ADSL. The first one was the pointy one that looked like a church steeple.

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If @David_Spardo doesn’t have an actual “ligne fixte” (i.e. no 'phone separate to the Livebox, one bill) then the filter is irrelevant & can be removed.

A faulty filter will create problems, even if there is no “real” 'phone line present, so in general they should go.

We started getting problems with our Livebox, (Orange had told us the line was ok) and took it into the nearest Orange shop, having made an appointment. They had a test lab out the back and agreed it was faulty and handed us a new one plus TV decoder there and then. We plugged it in and, apart from the iffy ADSL signal resulting from 3 km of wet string connecting us to a suitable point, all has been fine ever since.

I think I first used that expression some years ago and it seems to have stuck in spite of someone actually querying what the wet string connection was :grin:

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We’ve been using it for many years as well - the only way to describe the phone line from the village, which has been largely unchanged during the 30-odd years we’ve had the house :roll_eyes:

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Our fixed line is connected to the Livebox which seems to be being behaving itself this morning. I’ll see how it goes during the day.

I’m in 31 and our orange internet has been off in the mornings for the last 3 days. Can’t get through to Orange on the helpline and the fault page on the web page won’t load either!. I’m currently using orange 4g for access.

@Djburns is that ADSL or Fibre?
Do you have an Orange shop nearby where you could pop in?

For myself @graham , no I don’t, at least a 50 km roundtrip, but since the weekend I have been connected more often than not, the interruptions are far less frequent or long lasting. I am hoping that this means it was a problem at source, ie not the Livebox, as I am reluctant to make the journey or speak to the sometimes ill advised helpline people.

I say ‘ill advised’ because when I was trying to connect my new tv to the Livebox a couple of months ago and it wouldn’t allow the full security key which is the password, I was told by someone that only the first 8 digits are required now. This was denied by the helpline man but subsequently turned out to be true via their website. And indeed I have used it successfully since.

maybe they were struggling with your dinosaur version of the deadbox :wink: :upside_down_face:

I’ve noticed when on Orange air signal directly or indirectly (eg via Sosh or Lebara) that Orange seems to schedule maintenance without telling anyone.

It also seems sometimes to affect other networks not just Orange, depending on which other networks seem to share a mast.

Sometimes, like a week or two ago, they may schedule some kind of works or downtime or something that reduce network uploadability or downloadability, both maybe to different extents at a fixed time, every day for a few days day after day .
Such as was happening bang on 6pm for 3 hours here 2 weeks ago…

I do use various tools I’ve seen here when that happens but they seem to vary in claimed speeds during these outages, or very very slownesses, up and down of 2G,3G,4G. Plus the tools need…er… a working network, to run!

Once or twice a year there’s simply no service for all of a Sunday morning, with the service returning at 1pm or 2pm. No notice given. Which is really annoying if you’ve planned to do something for a deadline.

The clue is when this starts on the hour or within 5mins of the start of an hour. Sometimes, to give the game away, the signal returns ‘on the hour’ as well. Customer service usually deny it’s happening.

Networks should be required to give advanced notice of planned works.

Planned works have only happened once since I moved to Sosh. I was warned in advance by a push message from their app along with an SMS message to my phone. I was also credited with an extra 200Gb of mobile data to use while the house line was without service.

Don’t knock the Dinosaurs, they were very successful for a very long time, and what finished them would no doubt finish the latest doodad from Orange as well, of that I have no doubt. :wink: :grinning:

In any case, if my equipment is so unusable, as a rental, shouldn’t they automatically offer an update? :thinking:

If it works, there’s no need to replace it.
When my Liveboxes developed faults, (one intermittent, the other taken out by a nearby lightning strike) they were replaced with the latest models quickly and easily.

I took the first to an Orange shop, while I phoned the helpline for the second and a replacement was sent to a local collection point.

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This morning we have internet, but cannot access any of our orange mailboxes (for email we use @orange.fr).

Live box looks fine, network diagnostic doesn’t show up anything, and all other functions seem ok.

Is this a case of turning everything off, going for a nice walk in sunshine, and see if it has restored itself when we come back….


Spending the next hour getting increasingly frustrated trying to contact orange


Any other option?

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That sounds like an excellent idea and it’s worked for me in the past! Either the complete reset clears the fault, or the mental reset unfogs my brain so I can discover the problem!

This is maybe not the most helpful of suggestions as I don’t have Orange thankfully, but it is immensely satisfying :yum::smiley: