Lost Carte de Sejour

Hi all, I’ve lost my Carte de Sejour. Of course many us, including me, will be applying for the new ‘Brexit’ card in July so the authorities may not want to replace mine. But I want to go back to the UK for a month in August so I’d feel more secure knowing I’ve got a residence card when I re-enter France, even though it’s the ‘old’ one, as I’m sure it’ll take more than a few weeks to get the new one and hence I won’t have it when I leave for the UK.

So my question is … how / who do I notify to try and get a replacement ( even if they say no ) ? I’m fairly sure the answer is probably my Prefecture ( Bordeaux in my case ) but not sure whether I should just go and try queueing up. There’s no answer to the normal phone line and I can’t see anything on the official website where I can send a message / book an appointment / ask this same question. Has anyone had the same experience ? Any suggestions welcome friends :slight_smile: Andy

When I got mine I was told not to lose the piece of paper that came with it as it had all the information that I would need if I lost it. Do you have the same?
I don’t think that there is any chance of being issued a replacement CdS(UE) before August.

You will quite likely find the prefecture is closed to casual visitors.

Talk to your Marie about whether they can give you a contact email at the prefecture, or whether they will give you a letter confirming you are resident in the commune.

But if you are returning before December I can’t see that any questions will be asked when your return,

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have word with your local maire they are often helpful in things like this

I would love to know what you did/how you resolved this. I just lost mine 2 days ago (or stolen - someone stole my wallet). I filled a change of address back in January and received the receipt that says they have accepted my change of address and the temporary card that goes with it (which of course was also in my wallet). So in theory I should be receiving a letter to come get my new card someday (? my new department is painfully slow) soon but don’t know if I need to do something right away or just wait. Any advice you or anyone else has would be great. Thanks

Hi Amy and welcome to SF. Sorry to hear of your plight.

You should report the theft to your local Gendarmerie.
When you receive the CdS, you also receive an attestation document which accompanies it. This is an important document and must be kept in a safe, retrievable condition in the event of loss of the card.

I have that and of course copies of my titre. Do you know where I go to get a new one? I know they have moved most of these services online but I can’t seem to find a link.


Steps appear to be here starting with officially reporting the theft at the local commissariat de police as here Accueil - Démarches - Ministère de l'Intérieur.

Ouch 225 euros.

which is weird because another French admin site I went to said 20€… I wish I could ask my sous prefecture if I even need to do this since they should already be issuing me a new card with my address change shortly but of course no one at the sous prefecture has ever answered any previous questions I have asked. It’s just a black hole that you hope will one day send you a letter with instructions.

Actually is there a need to replace if one is awaiting an appointment to go to collect the replacement WA type of carte de sejour even those who had a CdS before the Withdrawal Agreement had to apply for? I’m wondering if just the police report of it being stolen would be accepted when you go to pick up your WA CdS.

Well for a start the French link says not all sous-préfs. can do so I would be doing préf anyway

I’m not from the UK. My current CdS is valid until October. We moved departments and so I filed a change of department when we arrived here. After 4 months I finally received my recepisse de demande de CdS with the new address/department but am still waiting on the summons to retrieve my actual new card. I’m leaving to spend the summer in the US but will return in August. Considering it took 4 months just for them to issue my recepisse, I’m guessing there is no way my new card would be ready before I leave and probably not before the new card I have already requested is ready.

Up to you but in that case on returning to France I would carry the recépissé de demande, a household bill or other proof of residence, and have in reserve (but not present unless needed) the proof that you’d reported the loss to the police.

Will you be sure not to miss any incoming appointment to go pick up your new CdS if it might arrive while you are away?

Andy leave your application till July and it will be too late for a post Brexit AW card. End of June is last date.

His post was from last year, i think the original opening date was for July but got moved to October.

Stupid me

Hi Amy did you finally get your titre de sejour back? I wanted to know how much time it took to get a duplicate one.
Mine was stolen along with my wallet. I have applied for a duplicate but no idea when it will arrive and I need to travel out of France urgently.

to all those who lost their carte de sejour: How much time it took to get a duplicate one?

Mine was stolen a week ago.

have you kept the paper part attestation that was issued with it?

yes I have a paper that was handed over to me when I received my residence permit card.

I just got reply from CNRS HR that prefecture will send me a récépissé de duplicata and I can travel with valid passport and récépissé de duplicata without any problem.

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