Lots of pork questions - pork on sale in Intermarche!

I am trying your recipe right now having picked up a huge piece of pork yesterday at Leclerc. This is 1/3rd of what was bought after 6.5 hrs of cooking:

It has taken a while to find the right bit of pork.

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Ah yes… the Pork Fair…

We’re finishing off last year’s goodies… just a couple of tenderloins left in the freezer now…

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Mmmmm I did a boneless shoulder in the slow cooker a couple of days ago, cooked all day with apples, onion, garlic, stock then a rub of pepper / salt / maple syrup / soy sauce and terriaki and cooked it all day. When it was done I took the liquid out and zapped it with my stick blender to make the most amazing gravy … mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm … I think I’ll have the leftovers for dinner :rofl:

On the bacon subject, last week or so Lidl had their ‘American’ week and they had honey smoked streaky bacon (made in the UK!!) so I got a few packets of that. Sadly the teenager has stolen most of it!!!

It looks amazing! How did you cut it??? I was worried my whole one wouldn’t fit and just worked something out (involving a 2nd pan underneath and a foil funnel to get the fat back in the pan :rofl: :rofl: )as I thought cutting may be too difficult!

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When looking at it it was pretty clear where to cut it - thankfully no bones needing cutting just joint to split.

About to start final stage of 20 mins at 260 degrees C.

Mmmmmmm that will get that crackling going nicely! I was quite amazed at how it really changed it’s make up / texture in that last bit, getting the ‘bubbly’ look and crispiness to it. I was a bit worried just before as it seemed a bit leathery.

Oh and other news. I try to follow a low carb diet and pork scratchings are apparently a wonderful alternative to chips etc as snacks / aperos. I’ve never seen them here but realised after watching (I think) Rick Stein that you can buy just the couenne here. I looked at our local Super U and sure enough a roll of it for around €3. I’m going to look at recipes and work out what I need to do / how long they keep etc and give them a go.

It was very good.

Next time need to add some flavouring to the meat.

Now time to sit in front of the fire and kip!

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I bought a whole leg. Removed all the bones and cut it into 6 pieces. Will use them for roasting later

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Now that is a great idea, then you still have the crackling but without having to deal with such a huge piece of meat! I have ripped out the intermarche page as I spotted it is back on sale this week! Not feeling great today so will have to wait for another day to go.

Rouelle de pork is not ham. It is a cut through the leg of pork. I’ve never bought it as I prefer to buy the leg whole and cut the leg into joints .
Would make a joint for cooking sous vide, it would be tender.

I was taught at catering college that pork shoulder is a second class roast. Has quite a lot of fat