Low emission stickers in France

Does any one have a link or know how to get emission stickers in France s

Sorry pollution rate stickers in France

If you mean for your motor… https://www.certificat-air.gouv.fr/

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Thank you. Found it seems easy :slightly_smiling_face:

It is easy… :+1:


I couldn’t believe how easy it was!


Yes, it’s a simple process to obtain the sticker but I’m not exactly sure what they base the rating on. One of my vehicles is rated as group 3 although it has zero CO emissions, and the other one they refuse to rate at all due to its age despite the fact that it only emits 24.8% of the permitted maximum. Good job that I live in the countryside. :slight_smile:

How old is this car?

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Thanks for the link Stella. Is there a list anywhere of the cities that require the sticker? At the moment the only city we go to is Bordeaux and I’m not aware that they require it.

Haven’t had time to read through this… but it seems that the requirement can come into force, depending on the Air situation… (let me know what you understand from this.)

Is this up to date for 2022 ???

This list is certainly dated 26 January 2022

Just wondering what vehicle you have and its year of manufacture, that claims to have zero CO emissions …

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If it’s not electric or hydrogen it can’t have zero tailpipe emissions. What is it?

The one that they decline to rate is a March 1996 Citroen ZX, and the other one that has been certified by the Controle Technique folks (on more than one occasion), as having zero CO emissions, was made by Jaguar of Coventry and first registered in November 1997.
Seems that the total lack of CO emissions are down to a combination of E10 fuel, catalytic exhaust converter, electronic variable valve timing, and computer controlled ignition timing to cater for using the different grades of fuel available in various countries. The car has not been modified and shows that with good design and correct maintenance it is possible to have low, or indeed zero, CO emissions without going electric.

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1996 is before the Euro engine classification started for emissions. Theres a difference between CO and CO2, which is what the Critair stickers are about CO2 emissions, and one function of the catalyser is to convert carbon monoxide to carbon dioxide (an unavoidable byproduct of hydrocarbon burning)

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And a huge helping of BS

Interesting to see this… my old cars don’t need a sticker at the moment, but it might change…

How so ?
You are welcome to come and inspect the Controle Technique certificates, and/or the car itself if you so wish.

Robert its in the same vein of diesels meeting the emmission targets …it was BS. Although there was a cheat mechanism in place. When a driver sat behind the wheel and actually physically drove the test the emmisions doubled and more. Just because you get a certificate saying zero emissions unless we are in some parrallel universe burning fuel in an infernal combustion engine produces plenty of emissions.

Well clearly there is indeed something being emitted from the exhaust as I can see it on a cold morning. However, all I can say is that the testing station states that said ‘something’ does not contain any CO.