Macron + Covid Nov 2021 Pass Sanitaire

amongst other stuff… the over 65’s will need the 3rd jab to keep their Pass Sanitaire… as of 15th December.

(no idea if other age groups will be similarly dealt with as they come in-line…)

As Macron says… the pandemic is not finished…

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Here’s the speech and text

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My booster not due till mid January will I not be able to go to restaurants till then??

As you will still be inside your 6 month window my thinking is that you are covered.

How old are you?

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Does anyone who has had their booster have an updated pass sanitaire? Mine is the same, all they gave me was a piece of paper saying I have had the 3. No change to QR code….

having read various press releases… it might well be that the extra piece of paper (proving 3rd) plus the original Pass… might be sufficient.

I reckon there’ll be clarification … in time… perhaps. :crossed_fingers:

have you tried to print out a new/another Pass… ??

Mine’s the same. But I do have the updated paper version showing 3/3 from our MT so I’m assuming that’s all I need.

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It “may” be that the QR code just links to your vaccination record rather than contain the information itself? This is what TheLocal quoted this morning but obviously we’ll need a more authoritative source (@stella, @JaneJones @shihtzu )…

Government spokesman Gabriel Attal clarified on Wednesday that health passes for the over 65s will be automatically deactivated six months and five weeks after the date of their last injection. So over 65s who are not yet eligible for a booster under the six-month rule can continue to use their pass after December 15th.

according to the first paragraph of this link… all you need is to prove you have had the 3rd… to extend the Pass Sanitaire… yippee, we get our 3rd on Monday.

  • les personnes de 65 ans et plus concernées par la dose de rappel devront justifier d’un rappel vaccinal à partir du 15 décembre pour prolonger la validité de leur pass sanitaire ;

thank you AngelaR plus others that’s put my mind at rest I am 79 tim17

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This is the minister talking about it this morning…

Might I suggest (without infuriating anyone)… that all those over 65 with the 2 done already… make an appt for their 3rd jab… asap.

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I was going to wait until our pharmacy gets its stocks in at the beginning of December but perhaps I’ll go to a centre the day after my 6 months :smiley:

Talk through at your pharmacy… local might be easier than travelling.

Our first 2… were 50km away… so glad we can get the 3rd at just 8km.

OH has been on the pharmacy list for a while, and now has been called to have his jab on Saturday with his flu jab. He became eligible for it a few weeks back, as you are supposed to wait until 6 months have passed since 2nd jab. He is relieved as keen to get it before the floodgates open!

This is what Gov’t site says

L’injection d’une dose de rappel génère un nouveau « QR code » qui n’efface pas l’ancien .

Ainsi, les deux peuvent être stockées sur l’application TousAntiCovid ou au format papier, et servir tous deux de « pass sanitaire ».


Thanks Jane! I knew you’d come up with the authentic words :smiley:

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