Macron + Covid Nov 2021 Pass Sanitaire

It must be regional. I had my booster on 19 Oct in dept 18 and was given a new certificate with a qr code. I scanned code into touscovid app and now my digital certificate now shows 3 of 3.

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Just to say that M le Maire came into a meeting this morning and mentioned that all those ages 50-64 should apply for their 3rd jab, available from 1st December…

Folk started checking their diaries…

the Pass Sanitaire will be disactivated 6 months and 5 weeks after the over 65’s previous full-injections… to encourage folk to go get the 3rd…

Those with health/special conditions etc need not worry… this “threat” is for those who can do it but won’t make the effort… that’s how I understand things…

they don’t want any hanging about dithering… get it done now is the message.

This is a huge problem for me. I can’t have another Pfizer - which is what they are using and nor can I get any kind of confirmation of that from a doctor as our MT has left with no idea when the replacement will be. I also can’t get an appointment with any doctor in the local area for love nor money. Suggestions on how to proceed on a postcard please :confused:

Try talking to your local pharmacie, (the pharmacien(ne) not the préparateur/préparatrice) perhaps they will be able to help.


Thanks for the advice, Vero. I spoke to her today. She was most unimpressed at the service I’d received. She gave me one more number to try and if that doesn’t work, contact the médiateur at our local CPAM. It’s a proper pain as I need daily medication.

Our pharmacy has Pfizer and Moderna…but is Moderna the same problem for you.

I was seriously shocked earlier this week at pilates. Our teacher, who has always been careful, said she was reinforcing the health requirements and making us stay in our spots unless we put our masks back on. We all had to show our pass at the beginning of term, but once in the hall are now quite relaxed. However she said in another class she was tipped off about a class member’s pass. Said class member was renowned for wandering round without a mask, and it turns out is unvaccinated. However has a pass sanitaire as her GP filled out a form for contraindications which was accepted by HAS and she was issued with a QR code. This makes a nonsense of the controls!!

If it is true it is mad, but she is someone I have know for 6 years so no reason to disbelieve her. Especially as she has now had to cancel that class because no-one wanted to be in the same room as said person.


I just used the app to copy the QR code and it created an updated cert, saying third vaccine. They told me to leave it a week after having the jab before updating it.

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Good grief… what a situation to be in… I’ve long thought that it’s all very well for some folk NOT to be able to be vaccinated, but then that should mean they take even more precautions than the vaxed folk…

Shame your Class had to close. We’ve been re-opened just 4 weeks and so far so good.

I believe it may be the same or similar problem with the Moderna jab. I had heart problems after Pfizer 2. I have multiple allergies so I’d need to check if the Moderna was suitable. I can’t have AZ as there’s a significant history of blood clots. I’m clearly a difficult patient but nonetheless I would still like to be vaccinated if at all possible. I’d like to neither give nor receive Covid.

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Johnson and Johnson?


Luckily not my actual class….we are all mature and wise adults with impeccable vaccination status!

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Apparently also a blood clot risk. I really need to see a doctor or become a hermit :wink:

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I’m not sure I’d do that. In fact I definitely won’t. My flu vaccine next week and my 3rd Covid on the 19th. I’ve every confidence in both vaccines but either one can cause mild, short term side effects. Having the two together is logistically great for the pharmacy but an unnecessary risk IMO.

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Not all, I had my 3rd injection last week and it was Moderna. Got a new QR code and certificate. The doctor said wait for a few days before scanning the code. I scanned it yesterday and it came up with 3/3 together with the date and type etc

Hi there… which area of France are you in ???

@Nelli which part of France are you in ???

I’m in Normandie, Stella

You mentioned that you were in Normandie. I’m in Manche and there are definitely problems with MTs around us although the Pole Sante in Villedieu isn’t too bad. If you are in the south Manche area and need other contacts, PM me and I’ll ask around…