Maybe Karen should have started this group, or maybe she was secretly waiting for someone else to do so.

Thank you Mike, I will do! :)

Welcome Paul. Good photo of the elusive dragonfly. See Stuart's totally cool shots of them in flight.

Thank you James, happy to be here. There are some beautiful shots in the Darkroom! I better say tho, that i don't use massive DSLR's or SLR cameras as there to bulky when I'm out 'stalking'. Can be quite funny when I'm doing my Tarzan thing in the trees tho :D I'm currently trying to snap the "Brown Toed Eagal" which is nesting in the woods behind us. Nearly had the shot! But found that carrying a spare battery helps :(

Thanks. An out of focus vine totally saturated red.

That's cool Mike, works as an abstract type of shot

Welcome to the Darkroom Paul, you're in good company with your macros here :) Your test looks successful, please keep them coming.


I took this to test out my new mini camera.

American diamond geezer yellow man!!!

You're a diamond geezer, Mike.

Like that Mike.

OK Mike, where did that come from?

Another shot of the full flower...........any ideas?![](upload://wqkHjcLHPQCHZdZjXBtwZMMKONb.jpg)

Thanks James. I'll post another image of the full flower, maybe someone can help identify it?

I like that Stu, very nicely framed too.