This is quite pretty. Don't know what it is, but it's thriving behind the pool and doing rather well at filling an ugly area of gravel.![](upload://xGWjEQBfaWCawxN10G9w1qjXujL.jpg)

I really have to conquer my fear of little beasties. Scratched my 105 micro lens when this little bugger (7mm) jumped at the lens. Whimp.![](upload://vtJJgbV5Be690zcoQtwZEmRuydY.jpg)

Photography in the rain.

Dandelion (three of three).

nice, you can smell the wood


Thanks for this info ... could be a bit advanced for me now, but something to aspire to... I'm about to starting searching for some static bugs / flowers tomorrow.. quite exciting (hopefully?) d

Hi Denise

I was using off camera flash and some home made "gels" i.e. coloured transparent sheet cut to size. Used auto focus on my finger where the water dropped then switched to manual. I used the sync speed of 200 and F8.

PS Nice lens, good luck.


thanks for this news...I've just got the new one !! If I can get shots like yours I will be a very happy bunny..( knowing of course that it is more than the lens that makes the shot..)

Nikon Micro 105mm 2.8 D old version. The new one is supposed to be better. Couldn't afford it so bought this second hand :)

Brilliant ... but which macro lens ? I'm a beginner ....

Very cool, Arctic-head-macro-man.

PS No PS other than cropping :D

Is this macro enough? Well it is a macro lens!!

Thanks, Arctic-man. Where are yours?

all super, thanks

Some nice shots Mike, this one being my favourite.