Made this today, log shelf store thing in steel

(James Higginson) #1

(stella wood) #2

very impressive, James…

How long does all that wood last…???

(James Higginson) #3

Day and a half given it’s cold here right now

(James Higginson) #4

Minus figures overnight, up to 8 during the day, more if the cloud clears

(David Wren) #5

Looking good. That’s a lovely looking burner.

(stella wood) #6

It’s a great looking fire… I can feel the warmth from here… :hugs:

(Jane Jones) #7

A day and a half! That much would do us for three days… stove looks same sort of size, approx 12w? And we’re only getting to 4 or 5 during the day. Is it your only heat source?

Great looking log shelf tho’.

(David Martin) #8

Are you saying you are only using four or five logs like that a day?

(Jane Jones) #9

About 6 actually unless v cold. But the stove only heats our main living area of about 50m2 which stuck on to the back of the house. Elsewhere there is other heating - which broke down over christmas so we had just the stove.

(James Higginson) #10

Yes I think about 12 KW, it’s an Invicta Modena. We have some electric radiators too but this thing heats half of the house with a ventilation system that I installed to blow the heat around.

(Jane Jones) #11

I’m glad I don’t chop your wood!

(Peter Goble) #12

'Tis a masterpiece of precision, James, and with a gammy elbow too! The mind boggles, but it seems you are supremely boggle-free these days! You deserve to be mightily proud of your skill. When did you begin to acquire it and who set you on the path of craftmanship?

(Peter Goble) #13

We use about the same amount as you do per day-and-a-half, James. Our woodburner gobbles logs like the greedy wood-baby of lore. It only heats half the rdc and a bedroom à l’étage. A bit sends warm tendrils up the staircase, walking down them one feels them reaching up one’s legs - very comforting. :blush:

But we have high celings, no double-glazing and my tropics-born wife dislikes the winter cold. :snowflake::fearful:

(James Higginson) #14

Thanks! I started learning to weld about a month ago, it’s a very rewarding process. It still amazes me that you can stick metal together so easily!

(James Higginson) #15

Elbow is fine now by the way :slight_smile:

(David Martin) #16

Only a month. Makes the work even more impressive.

(Peter Goble) #17

Do you use a frame to hold bits together or cramps (or both)?

(James Higginson) #18

This coffee table is the second thing I made, the first being the welding table upon which it stands.

(James Higginson) #19

Clamps are very useful as the welds shrink as they cool and pull stuff out of true, you spot weld on opposite sides first to minimise the effect.

(Peter Goble) #20

@james "on which it stands, it stands, it stands, it stands, it stands… :thinking:

Looks like the sky’s the limit then! :point_up::roll_eyes::grinning: