Maltese teacup puppy wanted

I would like to buy a teacup Maltese female puppy and wondered if anybody can point me in the right direction. I have spoken to our local vet who told me to look on the internet where we were conned by an unscrupulous con man in Lithuania. Fortunately my bank pulled the money back as the receiver had warnings on his account which my bank saw and did not complete the transfer. I would be so grateful if I could get help for a puppy as I want her for my mother who is lonely and I think this would be an ideal way to give her an interest and companionship.
Thanks so much in advance

If what your mother wants is company get a puppy from the SPA or a family or go to a reputable local breeder you can visit, not some chancer puppy farm type breeder who will sell you a traumatised health hazard. Your local vet is an idiot. In what world is it sensible to buy a puppy online from Lithuania. Pffffffff


Dear Veronique,

Hence the reason for my post. I did not know the “breeder” was in Lithuania as he told me he was in Roanne, France.
I have heard and read of the trauma of many poor animals being transported across Europe and arriving in various destinations either dead or very ill from unscrupulous uncaring people plying In this trade just for money.

I absolutely agree with you about the vet in La Rochefacault. I used them for years with our Persian cats who sadly have all past on.

The reason I want a teacup Maltese is that my parents have always had them and my mother wants a small dog for company as she is somewhat disabled and I would be the primary carer of the puppy.

If you do happen to know of a reputable breeder I would be very grateful for the information to be able to contact them and if necessary - as I am retired - my mother and I would drive to the breeder to buy the puppy who will become the newest precious member of our family

Kind regards and thank you for your response

Bernice Fitzgerald

These people look reputable - I don’t know them, but their website looks very complete. Possibly worth a visit?

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Dear Veronique,

thank you very much indeed . I will most definitely look into it tomorrow.

That’s very kind of you, have a nice evening

kind regards

They are just north of Le Mans, all their contact details are bottom right, the website has a lot of interesting-looking pages.

Apart from the pitfalls of buying a puppy over the internet without seeing the puppy with its mother from whatever country why on earth would anyone want a “teacup puppy” of any breed…???

Seriously there are many small dog breeds to choose from…and from fully health tested parents and fully health tested ancestry…

The teacup craze just adds misery upon misery…


I would echo Helen’s point about buying teacup dogs. Could your mother not accept a normal maltese? And wouldn’t that actually be safer for her, as these tiny dogs are easy to trip you up.

And do talk to your local SPA as they have dogs of all ages and breeds. And sometimes for someone older it is actually better to get a dog that is already accustomed to older people and house trained.


Yes the Maltese and Papillons and Chihuahuas short haired or long haired have very few puppies in a litter…sometimes one…maybe three…but the breeders of these tiny breed dogs that I know absolutely do not let the littlest one go to someone who intends to breed…they put KC endorsements on the pups and very often keep the tinies with them to make doubly sure they are not bred from…

It’s really sad Jane and it makes me massively angry the harm that is being done to our most faithful and loyal companion animals…

In uk we have ‘lucy’s law’ but it’s really not working atm and especially during lockdown where price gouging and gazumping and even lotteries are commonplace…it’s disgusting…or at least it is to me…

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When I was back in the UK in July, I simply could not believe the sheer number of ‘designer’ dogs. It was so surprising that I had to ask my friend where all the ‘mutts’ were. Ok, so this was in the heart of yummy mummy Surrey but she explained that having the right dog was now a ‘thing’ and that since lockdown when everyone rushed out to get one, the price of a Cockerpoo or a Labradoodle has gone up from 1k to 3K !!!


Sadly, I suspect there will be a lot of cockerpoos and the like in shelters come this autumn when dog walking in the rain is not quite so appealing.


Quite - cockerpoos and labradoodles and all the rest of them are just mongrels anyway.


The cockapoo type things don’t upset me too much, as cross breeding is healthier than inbreeding. But the dogs like pugs, shih tzu and pekes that are bred to enhance features , or unnaturally small dogs, that are unhealthy does. And all those little bulldog things that are so bow legged they can hardly walk with such huge heads that often can’t be born naturally.


Dear Veronique,

I have just sent your referral breeder an email enquiring whether they have a female puppy. Thank you so much for your assistance and holding thumbs that I find a new baby for my mother.
Kind regards
Have a good day.


A couple of months ago our beloved, irascible continually demanding and totaly spoilt elderly Maltese finally gave up the fight. My wife (who had previous Maltese history) sensibly decided not to’ replace’ her, but instead to get a very different small(ish) dog.

This week, a few weeks after collecting our new adorable, but rather frantic, grey poodle, her offical French birth certificate arrived from the breeder. The document runs to four pages of A4 and goes back five generations! Neither wife nor myself have a family tree of such detail. Nevertheless, our little BCBG (bon chic, bonne genre) poodle, Gigi is having to share her nouvelle maison with two kittens whom we recently rescued from the roadside - and the streetwise kitty orphans are running rings round her!


Awww…I can just picture your four legged furrie household now lol…:grinning:

Yes all my Border Collies from way back have come with their 5 generation pedigree certificate and with the U.K. kennel club and presumably the French kennel club it’s possible to trace a puppy’s ancestry beyond the 5 generations…

It’s interesting to search the names that appear on a 5 generation pedigree certificate…some will have been champions in the show ring and some will have excelled in canine obedience or sports but really interesting are some databases that show dna testing and hip scores and elbow scores and eye scores and which dogs carry which coat colour and which dogs are carriers of possible genetic problems…and to me it shows how responsible many KC breeders are when planning a litter of puppies…

Those greeders out there who are shamelessly capitalising on the situation at the minute and also those who greed their girl every season just to pay for a new washing machine or their next holiday then I know 100 per cent that I personally would never buy a pup from those types…shame on them :slightly_frowning_face:

Wishing you a whole lot of fun :grinning:

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Even the original breeder of the first labradoodles now regrets his decision to do that…but like Jane its not even so much those that get on my nerves…(although the endless combinations of poo-schitz do rather piss me off :grinning:)

I was on my friends waiting list for my new Border Collie pup since before her girl was even mated…all potential puppies had homes before they were even a twinkle in their mothers eye and if her girl had had treble the amount of puppies she still wouldn’t have had to advertise…

But watching the pet selling sites out of general curiosity while waiting for him to be born was an eye opener…I know the general price of my breed and yet I was seeing listings at around £1250 which is average for fully health tested BC pups and it appeared that litters were snapped up in a day and then they would appear at twice that amount and more than twice that amount…! There were also BC pups that very obviously weren’t BCs…

My daughters partner eventually wants a Labrador (she wants a BC) and he couldn’t believe the inflated prices…where you might expect £1200 to £1500 he saw one lab litter at £5,000 a pup…!

There’s some really unscrupulous puppy sellers/ puppy dealers out there…probably third party sellers who really don’t care about the pups they’re selling nor the mother who gave birth to them nor the conditions the pups were born into…:slightly_frowning_face:

Bernice, I really hope that you find what you are looking for for your mum, sounds like you have had these before and that is what will really make her happy. And well done @vero for finding a decent start point.

I grew up with working dogs (on an Aussie farm), some were pure bred Aussie shepard / collie dogs (best breed ever, I love them!). Our beloved ‘pet’ was a pure bred Blue cattle dog and the sofest, most loyal gorgeous dog. I’m sadly married to a ‘don’t like dogs’ dh however the other day I managed to bring him around to the idea if a/ it isn’t too big / hairy b/ I don’t let it on the sofa / upstairs. and both agree it needs to be kids / chooks / cat / other dogs (all the neighbours have them) friendly. I don’t like drooly dogs either! so how on earth do I find a dog like that :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: ? I’m also broke so can’t afford to spend even in the hundreds for a dog, let alone the insane money that is being talked about!


The SPA will be your friend…take OH to one and he will crack instantly.

(Ours is an aussie which we adore…)


How much do they cost from the SPA?