Manchester Terror Attack - NOT a terror attack but a man with mental health problems

At least the UK Police don’t behave like the US Police. That man would have been dead had this taken place in the US.

OMG Mandy that is truly shocking, made me quite choked thinking about it…
That poor woman must have been so scared wondering what the light was, suspecting a prowler or god knows who on her property in the middle of the night. (the irony being that is probably the reason why the police were there)
Of course she is going to look out of the window… :cry:


She had no chance poor woman. The neighbour must be feeling terrible for calling the police. I can’t even imagine!


It has been recognised for years that US Police kill an awful lot of US civilians (55% of which are non-white) each year - about 1000, maybe more as official figures are hard to come by. Despite this little seems to change (one might, cynically, come to the conclusion that non-white deaths don’t matter much to US politicians).


The definition of terrorist is:

A person who uses unlawful violence and intimidation,
especially against civilians, in pursuit of political aims.

Yes they did have an option! I’m really fed up of pushing so called terrorists attacks onto the general public just to keep and fear and control! It should be deal with depending on the severity of the situation but the announcement should be ‘ we are investigating the incident and when we have more information…’
not shout terrorist within minutes!

This also prevents this poor individual of receiving a proper mental health assessment and treatment.

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Sad, but true… the various terrorist happenings in France and across the world, will probably have affected all our lives to a greater or smaller degree.

Even in our quiet part of France, in our commune, we (general public) have been asked to be on the alert for signs of any suspicious or unusual activity or people displaying worrying/unusual behaviour.

Someone running amok and attacking folk in public, is likely to be considered as possibly being linked to Terrorism - with the appropriate response. However, this does not mean they will not receive whatever assessment/treatment may be necessary, once they have been safely taken into custody.

Apart from the fact that random knife attacks do form a lot of terrorist attacks these days., we are talking Manchester a city that suffered an IRA bombing in the 90s and two and a half years ago a major terrorist incident. I presume Donna you have never looked at the news and had to read that several people ,including children ,that live not far from you in real terms have been blown to pieces
BTW who shouted terrorist in a few minutes? It wasn’t the police they just said anti terrorist officers were assisting investigations which would be SOP in these cases

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A man running around a shopping centre stabbing random people and shouting “I’m gonna f**k you up” absolutely MUST be considered as a a terrorist incident until the Police know otherwise. They need to respond with anti-terror officers and the appropriate strategy. What if this man had been wearing a suicide vest? What if he had also had a gun?

As Mary has said Manchester has been subject to 2 major terrorist incidents in the past and the Police could take no chances.

Clearly the man did get a mental health assessment once he was safely in custody. He’s not being treated as a terrorist now is he?


So are you going to stand there and ask him if he is a terrorist or mentally ill when he is threatening you with a knife?
If you do, it will probably be the last thing you do, but it won’t concern you because you will be dead.
Get real.
Mental assessment comes after apprehension.


Clearly I’m referring to the police statement to the television news that it was a terrorist attack! I’m not referring to the way he was dealt with at the scene of the incident!
What should have been said was that until further investigation into the incident no further comment is being made, but no it’s reported immediately as a terrorist attack!

It may have been reported by the media as a terrorist attack because anti-terrorist police were involved. The Police statement though was very cautious and made several hours later certainly not “within minutes”.

In the early stages the Police said they were keeping an “open mind” about the reasons for the attack and initially arrested the man on assault charges. He was then re-arrested several hours later on suspicion of terror offences.

The timeline attached is quite clear how this unfolded.

I think maybe you have a problem with the Police?


I certainly saw nothing stating it was a terrorist attack at the beginning only that anti terrorist police where involved in investigations. In fact someone on here (in another thread ) stated it was a terrorist incident and I wondered how they knew as that wasn’t what the police were saying
BTW there is no definitive definition of Terrorism

She is not the only one.
Have you not heard of the goings on in the Met and the appalling accusations made against totally innocent and upstanding members of society?
Two black men are now having their cases reviewed fifty years after being sent to jail on the testimony of a corrupt police officer.
However, in this case, public safety was clearly the first option.

And if proven that’s dreadful, but fifty years is a long time ago and the world is very different

Still bent cops.

There’s bad apples in every barrel, but there are definitely very few corrupt police officers out there. I am not a big fan of the Met, it is too big and unwieldy but even there the vast majority are doing their best

That’s your opinion, I prefer an incident until it is known to actually be terrorism. This tabloid exaggeration of every single thing is tedious, wrong, exaggeration, sensationalism.

“The pound crashes” is actually the pound moved down by 0.01 cents against the euro. Inacurate lazy reporting designed to generate advertising revenue when you look at the link/source.

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Then the problem is with the media not the police


Absolutely, the media are the real terrorists spreading fear! All to earn money.