Marmite availability

Does anybody know where you can buy marmite in Paris?
The M&S branch that I go to, from time to time, hasn’t had any in stock all year.

Le Comptoir Irlandais in the 13e….


Just eating some, right now. :grin:

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M&S have been limiting a wide range of food exports outside the UK to try and conserve the shelves in the UK.

Many Super U supermarkets…but expensive

For an addict, I imagine that any price is worth it :smiley:


Size of supermarkets within Paris is controlled, so get U Express rather than Super U’s….so limited choice.

I’ve been enjoying Patum Peperium on my breakfast toast recently, if you fancy an alternative.


Hot buttered toast with PP :heart::heart::heart::heart:

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Just made a batch of tapenade with is OH’s preferred addition to breakfast toast….


Just bought these 2 tubs which should satisfy my craving through this winter, Yum.

That’s what I bought. Note the translation of ‘spread’ :rofl::rofl::rofl::rofl:


Just returned from first visit to UK in 20 months and a jar ( now plastic) was in my case! :stuck_out_tongue:

I was getting a bit panicky as I was down to my last jar!
This was due to Covid restrictions preventing visits by friends to & from the UK.
Fortunately this has eased & the supply chain has re-opened.
One of my friends has a wholesale card & now the larder has been replenished in the nick of time!


We live in the 13e so this seems the best option. Thanks.
I tried improvising with Vianox - without success.

Must be Mad :rofl:


Sorry John but that really is rubbish. The reason M&S has been limiting food exports to France is because of Brexit. One complete franchise of M&S stores in France is closing because it can’t get the stock, mean and dairy products etc are subject to tests, certificates and paper work which is expensive and by the time completed makes the food out of date. The only M&S shops to remain open are those in transport hubs ie railway stations and airports. Their products will be severely limited and already all are selling French sandwiches not UK made sandwiches. The BLT is gone.

OK you might say that we Brits living in France should eat French food but what about the French who love what M&S has served them in recent years.

You Brits got what you voted for (as a nation) but the French didn’t vote for it but are suffering.

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Here in Toulouse we can generally rely on a few known haunts having some marmite in. Leclerc at Blagnac international section…has a British bit and usually we can get it there as well as other delicacies like luncheon meat! Remains to be seen if the section disappears with Brexit and the exodus or at least lack of arriving Brits to work in aeronautical firms in the area

I have no idea what you are on about :face_with_hand_over_mouth: My comment was based on the M&S shelves in Dublin, no border issues there. Plus the fact that M&S are not taking orders in Dublin for Christmas because they cannot guarantee supply. Once again not a Brexit border issue, a Brexit internal issue :slightly_smiling_face:

Now that is rubbish :joy:

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