Marmite availability

Our local Super U here in 22 had a five shelf section until recently providing for significant local second home and Brit holidaymakers …now down to two driven by less demand and Brexit supply problems.

I suppose they could have upgraded by getting in some Vegemite.
[runs for cover]

Seriously though, I am so jealous as no Super U and no Grand Frais within at least 50 miles.

Not necessarily just these supermarkets. We have a small local Casino in a neighbouring village where there is a campsite alongside. The owners obviously worked out years ago that there were enough British campers coming into the shop to make it worthwhile stocking marmite. :grin:

Big fan of our fairly recent Grand Fraìs in Lannion (22)

Hmph! Nearest one to us is a good hour and a half’s fast drive away and it wasn’t worth it when I got there! Very small, very poor rangeof products. You are a lucky bunny @strudball

Another good reason to consume Marmite as its full of vitamin B12:

Oh dear oh dear… is there any other way of consuming reasonable quantities of B12 without eating Marmite? :smiley:

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why not hide the marmite in a hearty soup or casserole… that’s what I do on occasions and OH never notices anything “wrong”… :rofl:

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Spaghetti vongole, beetroot salad, sardines on toast - many alternatives. And if you eat lots of spinach (folate) you’ll absorb it better too. No need to resort to the devil’s brew.

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We love spinach… so I’m glad it’s good for us…

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We just love spinach… glad that’s on the “good” list :smiley:

So beetroot and sardines are good for B12 then?

I’m sure I read years ago that OAP’s could eat well… if they liked Heinz beans and sardines on toast…

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Well I’m happy about the sardines part of that :smiley: (but hoping it isn’t restricted to the ones in tomato sauce I was force fed as a child… :thinking: )

Sardines are great for so much, and more sustainable than farmed salmon which is pretty evil.

We discovered the joys of fresh sardines while here and frequently barbecue them in the summer. However, discovering that there are really good ones in tins that don’t bear any resemblance to the ones of my youth was also a great find - even in Lidl :smiley:

I hope you have no near neighbours. :grin:
We lived in a thin terraced house in Stockwell and we had a Portuguese family living on one side who used to barbeque sardines every weekend throughout the summer on their terrace which was only a matter of a few feet from our semi-basement kitchen and our lounge above. It almost became a reason for moving house! Fortunately they moved first. :grin:

Don’t use supermarkets much for food, but my local Géant has vintage tinned sardines (with the year boldly embazoned on the tin). Think they have a greater depth of flavour than the regular ones. Used the 2018 vintage as the basis for a starter last week, with lemon zest and coated in polenta, then flash fried.

Doesn’t beer have a lot of vitamin B12?
You could always upgrade to Vegemite.

I spoke with the Marmite people and they confirmed that they have stopped the production of Squeezy Marmite, so begins the end of civilisation as we know it…They said it was to do with supply problems?.

I’d no idea there was such stuff… squeezy… ??? presumably in a plastic, pliable whatever… so plastic might be the hiccup. Glass jars are recyclable…