Measles. The deniers wishes are coming true!

Measles cases have hit a record high in Europe, with the number so far this year already almost twice last year’s total. In the first six months there were more than 41,000 cases, the World Health Organisation (WHO) has reported.

Last year there were 23,927, and in 2016 only 5,273. Experts said that anti-vaccine sentiment had allowed the potentially fatal disease to make a comeback. At least 37 deaths have been reported from the disease in Europe this year.

37 deaths! From an avoidable illness; unbelievable.


Hope the anti vaccine ‘crowd’ are proud of what they have ‘achieved’, idiots! :unamused:


I remember having measles when I was a small girl.
I had rather nice green medicine and the curtains were drawn to help my eyes.
I missed the first two weeks of school and when I started we were all asked what was our house colour, meaning red, blue etc., I remember saying black and cream, as I had not been allocated my team.


I remember the time before the jab was available… darkened rooms, hushed whispers, worried faces…

When a child fell ill, it was unavoidable… and folk did the best they could …

Sad that there is a vaccine available now … and yet… :zipper_mouth_face::unamused:


At the moment most UK measles cases are linked to travel in Europe. Measles cases have also been linked to music festivals and other large public events . Public Health England is advising people to check that they are vaccinated against measles before they travel abroad or go to large public events in the UK or elsewhere.
Here is the link for the rest of the article …


Unfortunately too many people are still influenced by the fake science of Doctor Wakefield. Anti vaxing is also a part of the Internet particularly in the conspiracy stuffed, chem trails, shape shifting lizard world of our cousins across the pond. Having had as a child measles, scarlet fever and chicken pox in swift succession in the 1950’s without as far as I can see any lasting effects though it contributed to a miserable early childhood I would unhesitatingly recommend vaccination. Now with youngsters going off to Higher Education vaccination against meningitis is also a must.See


I remember lying in bed ,with a blanket over the curtains to reduce the light as my eyes were so sore. I was the only one in the family to be short sighted and my mum always blamed the measles as I had passed all the tests upto then. Years later when I had laser surgery and mentioned this to the surgeon he agreed it could well be the case

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Well I’ve no idea what the definition of a “vaccine denier” is and if I were to be somehow tarred with that brush then I have to say that my wishes certainly do not include the deaths of anyone whether vaccinated or not…

In fact it is quite insulting to the mothers of vaccine damaged vaccinated children to be heaped wholesale into the “conspiracy stuffed, chemtrails, shapeshifting lizard world” and branded as “idiots” with complete disregard for their suffering…

I see the U.K. has yet to report for 2018 and it would also be interesting to know how many cases and how many deaths were amongst the vaccinated population…???

Help in the U.K. if you have been disabled by vaccination…

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Sites called Vaccine Impact and Vac Truth are not going to be impartial are they. The figures reported in the Vaccine Impact site article are from around the period 2004 to2014 so the recent upsurge in measles cases ( I admit I am assuming the US has followed the Uk pattern) will not be reflected


I guess in the beginning they have to decide on a name for their websites and some have many years worth of articles and research and they keep the name…???

Do you actually read what is said or not.My remarks reflected what I see on the internet particularly those parts of American origin. I made no mention of the mothers of vaccine damaged children.


My apologies David…x :slight_smile:

Interesting info about Ukraine…

From the ‘Vaccine free foundation’: interesting but is it objective?

Actually perhaps people should just either avail themselves of free vaccination and then sue if it causes problems or refuse vaccination and sign a disclaimer that they won’t be relying on any state help for problems caused by childhood illnesses contracted at any stage in life.


Tl;dr - just because there were 108 deaths shortly after a vaccination at the miniscule rate of 10 per year does not mean there were 108 deaths caused by the vaccinations. Almost none were definitively caused by the measles vaccination.

OK, so I had a look at the article and ran a similar query, covering deaths after all types of measles vaccinations for 2004 to 2013, it returned 106 results rather than the 108 they quote.

Apart from the fact that 10 deaths a year is nothing, presumably a 10 year search was used to get the numbers up, lets have a detailed look at some of these, heck lets look at them all or until I get bored…

Well, I got bored after typing 21 summaries but I read all 106 case reports which is a heck of a lot more than the “researchers” at “Vaccine Impact” seem to have done. Most received multiple vaccinations so not just for measles; in some cases the other vaccines were implicated, in some clearly the measles vaccine was implicated but in most, even where you could say the vaccination was probably the cause of death which component was the cause was impossible to say.

It is worth noting that not all of these were even in the USA so it is impossible to say what the population base is here which makes the number even more meaningless. I would, however, accept the point that the reporting physician has to suspect a link with the vaccination and reporting is voluntary so there is probably significant under-reporting of deaths which are temporally related to vaccination (not necessarily causally).

A good few were co-incidental infections, usually pneumonia, a few were due to seizures - well kids can have seizures if they have a high temperature and vaccination might make them run a fever. Vaccination fevers are usually mild and short lived - unlike the natural infection - so there is probably much more risk from not being vaccinated. A few were sudden infant death, very hard to know if the preceding vaccination had anything to do with the individual case. Statistical analysis might help but the numbers here are probably too small to get much from a cohort study.

A few - very small numbers - died from viral infections traceable to the attenuated virus in the vaccine, some of these were immunocompromised individuals. There were also small numbers that looked like anaphylaxis.

Some were obviously related to pre-existing, usually severe health problems, an odd one or two were clear inappropriate vaccinations (the known immunocompromised individuals) a couple were other types of co-incidental illnesses (eg lukaemia), one even an abortion in a 27 year old who recieved vaccination before realising that she was pregnant, and some did not have enough information to comment (in a couple of cases these were unverified 2nd hand reports).

I didn’t count but maybe 1/3 of these could reasonably be blamed on the vaccination, usually because of febrile seizures and I’ll lay money the chance of death due to a febrile seizure after vaccination in a susceptible individual is tiny compared with the same individuals chance of the same mode of death from natural infection. Noting that, in all of these cases, multiple vaccinations were given it is impossible to specifically blame the measles component.

It’s hardly the stuff of scandal, is it?

For those who have got this far in a very long post and still have the stamina here are the first 21 summarised:

The 1st (in fact the one visible on the page that Helen links to) was a toddler with congenital heart defects who died 3 hours post vaccination with septic shock and positive blood cultures for strep. pnumoniae. I.e he died of a chest infection, nothing to do with the vaccine.

2nd a toddler with severe congenital heart defects (as well as other congenital problems) died the day following immunisation of a cardiac arrest, almost certainly due to his heart problems

3rd Toddler with congenital heart defects and DiGeorge syndrome (which causes immunodeficiency). Died of heart failure following vaccination. With the caveat that I only glanced at this one this looks like a medical error - he should not have received a live vaccine. That said it could just as easily have been a natural infection.

4th 4y old with no medical history died of a viral meningitis one month after vaccination, not connected with his vaccination (Epstein Barr virus isolated).

5th toddler died 2 days post vaccination - SIDS, hard to pin that one on the vaccine without extensive statistical study.

6th toddler, 2 days post vaccination SIDS (as above re connection)

7th toddler 6 days post vaccination. Cause not given but looks like SIDS

8th 2y old pre-term with a non-specified immune disorder died 8 days post vaccination from bronchopneumonia, possibly he should not have been given a live vaccine, hard to tell from the report.

9th toddler, died 2 days post vaccination from pneumonia.

10th toddler 1 day post vaccination. Impossible to tell from the report - allergy to the vaccine or pneumonia

11th 20y old (probably in forces), 7 days post vaccination from chronic myocarditis.

12th toddler 5 days post vaccination SIDS

13th toddler with congenttal problems died 25 days post vaccination from congenital encephalopathy & respiratory failure

14th toddler 16 days post vaccination from disseminated varicalla infection (VARIVAX had been administered) so this does appear to be the rare death that was due to the vaccine - but lets not forget that natural infection does this at a much higher rate.

15th toddler with congenital and developmental problems died 24 hours post vac. The reporting physician did feel in this case that it was an immunization reaction.

16th toddler, no medical history, died from febrile convulsions 6 days post vaccination. Hard to call given time frame.

17th 43 year old died of cardiac arrest immediately post vaccination. Don’t have enough information, possibly anaphylaxis.

18th toddler died 15 hours post vaccination having experienced a febrile seizure although the cause was given as respiratory failure because of sedation used to control the seizure.

19th toddler 11 days post vaccination found unresponsive & face down on mattress - no cause found

20th toddler died 2 days post vaccination of pneumonia.

21st toddler died 11 days post vaccination of unrelated myocarditis

Link to the full search results:[]=MEA&VAX[]=MER&VAX[]=MM&VAX[]=MMR&VAX[]=MMRV&VAXTYPES[]=Measles&DIED=Yes&VAX_YEAR_LOW=2004&VAX_MONTH_LOW=01&VAX_YEAR_HIGH=2013&VAX_MONTH_HIGH=12


Thanks for this Paul… interesting stuff… :thinking:

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I’m sorry it was such a long post. It was obvious that someone had just done a search to get a sensationalist headline and not looked at the data in any way which annoyed me somewhat.

It is ironic that the first report - which is included on the Virus Impact page as a screenshot is clearly nothing to do with the vaccination itself.

It’s great to have things analysed like this…

I reckon we could all read the same Report (on whatever) and yet each of us could come away with a different level of understanding… :roll_eyes: …a bit like the eye-witnesses who each give a different description of the “baddie”.

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Hello Paul
I think that sometimes the ‘headline grabbing’ articles are very misleading and are aimed to spread fear and panic.
You have certainly done a lot of research here. It gives people a chance to make up their own minds by looking at the link + the results you have provided.
Taken against all the millions that have been vaccinated the adverse effects are not as alarming as the press makes out.
I am not in favour of ‘forced’ vaccination though, but do believe that parents should be given more information along the lines that you have provided here.
Hope that you had a large glass of someting after reading all those reports. :tired_face:


Thanks for that analysis. Unfortunately the anti- vaxers like so many with fringe beliefs are more likely to stick their fingers in their ears, nah nah nah, when confronted with hard evidence. I’ve spent quite a long time explaining the simple physics of combustion and condensation to the chem trail believers. It makes not one whit of difference