Medical for Licence Renewal

Sounds a good idea…
To be discussed and voted on this year…

Many might consider it a repressive irritant, but I think it’s a sensible proposition.

Can just imagine the letters of protest to French newspapers! It’s all Manu’s fault!

They keep trying to do this, and now through the Europe back door “whilst it will be up to each European country to do its own specifities”. Oh, Puh-leez.The sneaky little text whoever’s pushing this slid in, has been debunked in articles in Per km, it’s something like ages 18-25 have most and worst accidents.

At least the insurance companies know the true facts - their pricing reflects this. As well as already acting as de facto enforcer.

Don’t entirely disagree, but I often find myself in a line of traffic crawling along a 90kph stretch with some tiny car at the front that one instinctively knows is a very cautious, but very elderly driver.

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Or, at least in the UK, you are maybe behind a drunk.

Not sure about France. But those noisy Voitures Sans Permis thst are a particular problem here are speed limited to I think, 45kph? so regardless of who drives them, will always block a line of traffic and their speed will fall away to nothing on hills.

Think it’s 60kph, but recognise the problem. OTOH forgetting drunkards’ cars, at least around here, I think they’re more a useful option for elderly widows who live in the sticks.

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Doesn’t the UK consider a person ‘elderly’ when reaching age 70 as you have to self certify yourself to drive. Also your license reverts to basic as a uk licence does when exchanged for a French one.
Unless you take a medical to keep categories.
So if this rule comes in here I’m guessing a few SF’ers will be house bound or driving sans permis cars.
For the record I turn 70 in 3 weeks :scream:

Considering the extended waiting time to get a GP appointment in the UK it’s unlikely to happen here.

I changed my UK licence for French one around Brexit time…when I was 73…my licence expires in 2035…

I’ve still got the pink, paper permit… but will have to change to the “plastic” in 2030 something… no worries with a medical… if I’m fit OK… if not… OK, I’ll sell my cars and use a taxi service… as and when.

On the other hand, I’ve always fancied a tricycle… :wink:

a close friend is 94 and still driving… although she assures me she doesn’t go far… and drives very slowly… oh dear… :wink:

Yesterday the motion has been defeated and replaced with one that allows the member states to decide what medical tests if any will be required. I think France will go with self assessment every 15 years regardless of age… The new directive also allows 17 year olds to drive under supervision.

Agree with you karenlot and happy the motion has been changed.

now it’s up to individual States to decide what they want to do…

Yes but you have a 39 foot motorhome JohnBoy. Which may be slow and difficult to manoeuvre sometimes as well.

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Back to feet and inches!
Our motorhome is 7.5m and remorque 4.5, not a 12m bus!
Manoeuvring is easy as I have towed for many years.
I had a uk license covering up to class2 and when I came to France took a medical to retain my rights. When it came time to renew the medical I decided not to bother as categories no longer needed so now can drive up to 3500kg. The irony is that with a remorque my gross wieght is 5500kg and 100% legal.

And widowers? May not be as common, but the also applies to men.

AS @JohnBoy says, size means nothing it is all down to skill and experience. I have pulled 3 12 metre trailers in my time and, when I did so, was able to reverse them as well. But, more recently, here in France and beforehand, a 3 axle lorry with a 3 axle drawbar trailer was a piece of cake. In fact, at my former employer here I was one of only a handfull that could and was often called upon to do such if the drivers were not at work.

:rofl: :rofl: being elderly doesn’t mean one has lost ones faculties… :rofl: :rofl:
but if some elderly person (maybe me… :wink: ) is found to be unfit medically/psychologically/whatever… then it’s surely best that such a person is not behind the steering wheel…

I seriously hope that politicians do come up with something reasonable.

I know there are a few people driving under what I feel are difficult circumstances… and if one of them offers me a lift I manage to have a good excuse not to accept… :wink: :wink:

Tough if it’s your husband though. :slight_smile:

My mother adopted the practice of humming loudly when being driven by my father to keep herself distacted. In the end their GP did say he had to stop, which was very hard for him.

My father had a particular disorder… and his doctor explained that he might pass-out at the steering wheel… thankfully, Dad decided from that moment to hand me his licence and his car…
As he said… If I kill someone through my insistence on driving… I’d never forgive myself.

Thus I became his taxi for the remainder of his years… or he used a local firm … :wink:

After the corrective surgery… he considered driving again but decided the traffic was now “too awful”… phew… such a relief as, by then, he was definitely doddery.