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I see the group here is growing daily. Remember, don't be shy about posting your work, asking questions, bragging about awards or any other recognition you receive...I want to see it all. All the members will benefit from a reasonably (I know many of us have time constraints.) active forum. :)

Wishing everyone a grand and creative day!

I hadn't thought of that! About 38c here so the paint is rather sticky.

I'm sure,like thinking when you can put the brush down and get a chilled beer!

It's a very skilled job you know and has to be thought about very carefully!

Thank you Neil. Don't envy you painting 16 shutters,but I suppose its painting without having to think much.

Superb Suzy-full of vitality and great colour. The only painting I'm doing at the moment are the first of 16 shutters and the pool fence!

We had open day for artists in my area recently,one of my visits was a neighbour from another street and her little girl.There was something about the girl that really struck me,so I took some photos of her,she is a natural,no problem standing while I photographed her.Here is a watercolour of her,I'm planning to do an oil painting soon.![](upload://lhRgO3ZMg420Q3ZzpN10fOo5Oaw.jpg)

Hi Perry, did you get the info re the Boulevard in Pau?

Hi Debra,

you may have seen it already, but it's at

Hi Debra.....If only I could see it in a magazine,that would be dreams come true. How's your commission going?

Hi Perry...

If only I were already in France, I would certainly try to attend the fair. I think the whimsical approach to your poster design complements a fair whose theme is flowers. Do you have a website?

Hi Suzy! I find your life drawing to be lively and strong. Your photoshop version of it does not appeal to me as much. The freshness of the original sketch has become subdued. However, the second version does look like a contemporary graphic design illustration. I would expect to see it in a magazine. Are you a member of any freelance graphic art employment sites?

Hi Debra,
Art is my full-time job, so I get little time to post, but here is a drawing made for the 40th anniversary of the Fourcès Marché aux fleurs. A beautiful, circular bastide in the north of the Gers (just west of Condom), it is home to the biggest and prettiest flower fair in SW France. I'll have my stand there, under the arches, with my art, prints, cards and book. It's this weekend, 25-26 April if anyone is interested. Link to their site:

Central Park, NYC.

Well done, thanks. Heather.

Thanks Neil,it was a 10min pose. Heres the new version in photoshop.![](upload://wf3rlecqKDSxUR8VSAJwdEp7qNt.jpg)

Very expressive- like the right hand. Was it a quick pose?

Here's a drawing from sundays life drawing group with a difference,the model is partially clothed.I drew this in conté pencil.![](upload://mcX4srs7iOFsBqKFfK9ZVr2WaRT.jpg)

Very beautiful emotive painting of boats. Love the subtle tones and colour palette. I like the low horizon too, a large expanse of sky. Very atmospheric. Thank you!

Fiona ps I hope you start painting again

You are most welcome, heather. I would love to see your quick pen and ink sketches. Also, if I may offer my opinion, I think teaching is a wonderful idea. I love seeing my students' work. They inspire me to paint more...demonstrations get me moving...and I often learn from them as well as them learning from me. :)